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A bug with cash balances , and another with non-existing job alerts in several state companies

  • Fixed

There is this bug that's preventing us from using our state companies in vCroatia, the cash balance is massively negative, as attached Image1 shows below. It happened out of nowhere, with balance being positive before, and despite putting some money into it, it remains massively negative. This is clearly a bug cuasing this, but it's preventing us from working  and producing products in many companies.


The second problem is when the company has all required resources, and cash. But then the job offers are still not working, as the attached Image2  shows. It states the company has unresolves alers, and job offers are not visible until those nonexisting alerts are resolved. Both bugs combined are quite limiting our production, and I hope they are resolved quickly.


If more information is needed, let me know. Thank you for your help.



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