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All existing diplomatic relations have been reset as part of work to resolve the ongoing issues with the Diplomacy system. Diplomacy will likely not work correctly until the next update is fully released. ×

Version 2022.2.0

Released 2/17/2022

Key Changes


New Versioning Scheme and Update Schedule.

The first thing you've probably already noticed about this update, is that we're now using a new version numbering system. Previously, we used a software standard versioning scheme of (major).(minor).(revision), however there was no explicit reasoning between an update being a Minor or Revision release. This essentially made the version number meaningless.
From this update onwards, we will be adopting the more modern (year).(month).(revision) scheme, where the bulk of the version number directly references when the update took place. The first update of each month (as this one is), will have a version number of (year).(month).0, with the revision number increasing with each minor update released during the same month. Generally we will aim to introduce new features and significant updates mostly in .0 releases, with revision releases focusing on bug fixes and smaller tweaks/updates. Change notes for revision releases will be posted as a comment on the existing .0 release thread, to reduce forum clutter and make it clearer that these are generally smaller, related updates to the main monthly update.
To coincide with this, we will also from now on be typically releasing a larger .0 release towards the start of each month, with the goal of releasing on the first Sunday of the month by May's update.


  • A notification is now shown on the CEO page under Job Offers, when a company has alerts that are blocking its job offers from being shown to workers.
  • When a region is conquered, job offers in the incorrect currency are automatically removed.
  • Added a new Citizenship page to restore access to the Change Citizenship function. This page and the underlying systems will be overhauled in future updates.
  • NPC's who are unable to work at their current job for any reason may now proactively resign and look for other work.
  • NPC migration now affects the appeal of the departed region. This will make it less likely other NPCs will travel to this region, until conditions improve.
  • Several other updates and bugfixes to NPC AI.
  • Dashboard will now show at most one alert per company, regardless of how many alerts the company currently has.
  • While outside of your Citizenship nation, you will now see both your local currency and citizenship currency in the top-left user widget.
  • Added a new Hunger vital statistic for players and NPC's. Hunger increases by level/10 each day at Daychange, and is recovered by eating food at a rate of Tier*2 (fish and rice each recover a single point of hunger). As NPC's do not currently have levels, their hunger increases by 1 each day.
  • With the changes to food, health can now only be recovered with medicine. Further changes are planned for health/happiness in future updates, including replacing the Wounds system with direct combat damage to health. All player and NPC health was reset to 100 when this change was implemented.
  • Working no longer reduces health.
  • Gym workouts now increase hunger instead of reducing health.
  • Using your house no longer requires a full reload of the page.
  • CEO's can now set a maximum days between shifts for each company. Any worker (player or NPC) who has not worked for that many days will be automatically removed from the company roster. Setting this to 0 (the default) will disable this feature.
  • Removed the daily limit on drinking beverages.  

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the Region page missing images for some newer Infrastructure projects, causing them to not appear when completed.
  • Fixed events for upcoming invasions not correctly linking to battle stats.
  • Fixed HTML error causing the CEO page to not render correctly on Firefox.
  • Fixed error message shown when trying to re-nominate for Party Leader elections.
  • Maximum Shifts Per Day now correctly resets at Day Change, rather than a rolling 24 hours.
  • Fixed several HTML errors that could cause UI issues across the site.
  • Fixed a UI issue when trying to read T3 books without any in your inventory.
  • Fixed a bug preventing unhappy NPCs from migrating in many situations.
  • Fixed a bug preventing company low cash alerts from being automatically cleared when goods were sold.
  • Fixed alignment of sports/military skills on profile page not matching the way sports/military skills are currently paired.

Known Issues

  • There are still issues with the processing of diplomatic treaties. This system will be overhauled as part of the next monthly update to address these issues. Part of the overhaul will require all existing treaties to be removed from the database. This is likely to occur at the end of the month, or during the first week of March.
  • There are significant issues with the elections systems. Presidential and Congress election systems are being redeveloped in the next update to continue integration of the NPCs. All active nations will undergo both Presidential and Congress elections shortly after the March update, regardless of when their last election was. The new election systems are the primary focus of the next update.


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