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Version 2022.10.0

Released 10/26/22

Key Changes



  • Removed Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel to reduce page bloat and better respect user privacy.
  • Added links to companies/regions/profiles in a number of places to make accessing information easier.
  • State Companies and companies managed by active players are now listed on their respective Region pages.
  • Companies with current issues will now be highlighted in red in the CEO Manager company selector drop-down.
  • The War Module now uses a new Threat system to calculate injuries in battle. Threat increases when opponents launch attacks, and decreases over time.
  • Implemented a new live chat feature allowing users to chat with other players in their nation. Group membership and other info is automatically synced from the game database. This new chat can be accessed at https://chat.vnations.net using your current game login info.
  • CEOs can now update the numerical settings of all their companies at once by selecting the 'Bulk Update' option when editing any company. This feature only applies to personal companies, and is not available to state companies.
  • Added a new Raw Materials widget to the CEO manager, that shows all the current RM held by the company, including the average cost per unit for those RM.
  • NPCs will now respect military orders issued by their citizenship nation. NPCs will join the attackers side if ordered, or if their citizenship nation is attacking. Otherwise, NPCs will join the defending side unless ordered not to fight.
  • Some infrastructure now provides a daily buff to NPCs within the region, as follows. Only infrastructure owned by the region owner is considered active, however all NPCs in the region are affected.
    • Bank: -1 discontent
    • Courthouse: -10 discontent
    • Hospital: -5 discontent, +5 health
    • Nightclub: -5 discontent, +5 happiness
    • Sports Arena: -2 discontent, +2 happiness
    • Temple: -5 discontent
  • Added health checks to all backend scripts to prevent script failures from going unnoticed for days at a time (no more "vRapture" when NPC AI fails).
  • Greatly improved performance of several backend scripts, causing server actions to be processed more rapidly.
  • New Governor election system! Players can vie for Governor of any “original” region. NPCs vote for their preferred candidate according to demographics, candidate approval and nomination pledges. This system is likely to remain a work in progress into the new year.

New Regional Stats

  • Pollution: Tracks the general rate of pollution per region, influenced by working 'dirty' industries or using cars/trains. Decays by 25 points each Day.
  • Unemployment: Tracks the percentage of NPCs without a current job.
  • Poverty: Tracks the percentage of NPCs unable to afford food each day.
  • Traffic: Tracks the overall road congestion per region. Increases each time a player/NPC uses a car to work or travel. Resets each Day.

Bug Fixes

  • Changed the way diplomatic treaties are tracked internally, to hopefully resolve the ongoing issues with the diplomatic module. All existing diplomatic treaties have been reset and will need to be declared again. We will be monitoring this system to ensure there are no further issues.
  • Fixed missing images for Narcotics industry above Tier 1.
  • Fixed a UI bug on the battlefield at maximum rank.
  • Job offers are no longer shown for companies that have outstanding alerts.
  • Fixed intermittent errors caused by broken random events.
  • Fixed a bug allowing hunger to be negative.
  • Achievements without a unique image will now show a default trophy image.
  • Company Resource warnings are now properly cleared when a purchase order is filled.
  • Active Battles counter now only counts active battles, instead of active + upcoming battles.
  • Fixed an issue preventing Sports Arena heats from being processed.
  • Fixed an issue preventing Infrastructure updates from being processed.
  • Fixed an issue preventing daily Diplomacy updates from being processed.

Known Issues

  • We are working on implementing a Single Sign-On solution to make logging into the various vNations components easier. There is not currently an ETA on this feature.
  • Users with a space in their vNations username will need to log in to the chat server without the space—for example “My Username” in vNations becomes “MyUsername” for the chat. Your display name within the chat will be correct, but usernames on the chat system do not support spaces.


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