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Version 1.4.6

Released 01/06/22

Key Changes



  • You can now click anywhere on the 'Companies Needing Attention' alerts to be taken to the relevant company.
  • Many events in the 'Recent Events' widget are now clickable, taking you to more relevant info (eg battle events now link to battle stats, infra events now link to region page). This will only apply to newly generated events after this change was implemented.
  • Added a link to the Battle Statistics page from the Battlefield.
  • CEO Company Selector now indicates the number of stock available for sale, and sorts companies with stock to the top of the list.
  • Combat XP is now displayed on citizen profiles.
  • Added profiles for NPC's, exposing their stats and other details. This replaces the brief hovercard that was buggy and annoying.
  • An alert will now be displayed in-game when a player has unread messages on the forum. Note that due to the way the forum message system works, the in-game count will show the number of conversations with unread messages. A single unread conversation may have multiple unread messages - this will appear in-game as 1 unread message.

Bug Fixes

  • Events are no longer displayed past their expiry time (typically 1-7 days after the event is triggered, depending on event type).
  • Power companies can no longer set a Max Price for Power (pointless option since they never use power to make power).
  • Removed the option to set a company logo/avatar, as they're no longer used.
  • Fixed player avatars not loading on election pages.
  • Fixed a bug allowing players to work as much as they liked, regardless of a companies Max Shifts setting.
  • Fixed a typo in the 'Ignore Party Election' link.
  • Fixed several bugs preventing Diplomatic treaties from being correctly processed, causing treaties to last forever once active.
  • Fixed several backend scripts not having scheduled tasks to run, causing sports events, elections and some regular stats updates to never be processed.
  • Fixed a bug causing players to be synced to forum groups as they travelled, rather than based on citizenship.
  • Fixed a bug causing forum sync to add groups to players, rather than updating their current group.



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