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Version 1.4.5

Released 12/24/21

Key Changes



  • If a company has set a 'Max Price for Power', the company will attempt to automatically buy power from the market as players and NPCs work. Power is only purchased if the company has sufficient cash, no power, and there is an offer less than or equal to the 'Max Price for Power' setting. This feature will always purchase the cheapest power on the market, and will appear in cash logs as 'Power Purchase'.
  • Companies with active alerts are now re-checked every hour automatically to clear alerts that are no longer valid. For an alert to be cleared, the company must have at least 50 currency, 100 RM or 1 power (depending on the type of alert).
  • Improved the process of constructing and repairing infrastructure, requiring less page loads.
  • NPCs will now earn Combat XP when fighting, and proceed through the various military ranks.
  • Updated the Move Citizen UI with new images, nation info and active/upcoming battle indicators.
  • Update the image for T4 Helicopters.
  • NPCs can now construct and repair infrastructure projects. NPCs will only work on infrastructure controlled by their citizenship nation, and only when the nation controls the region. NPCs who work on infrastructure will not attempt to find a job or work a regular job.
  • Added new animated weather icons.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug preventing party members from voting in party leadership elections.
  • Friends option in game menu now correctly loads the forum Friends module.
  • Battles that haven't started yet are no longer listed in the 'Active Battles' widget.
  • Air damage values are now displayed on the battlefield.
  • Infrastructure should now correctly be destroyed when a battle reduces its integrity to 0%.
  • Fixed broken icons when repairing infrastructure.
  • NPCs can no longer attempt to move regions if they've recently fought (fixes NPCs missing end-of-battle morale boosts).
  • Fixed a bug allowing NPCs to fight once an hour instead of once per day.
  • 'My Companies' list now correctly links to the new CEO page.


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