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Version 1.4.3

Released 08/25/21

Key Changes



  • Job vacancies are no longer removed when the company runs out of resources or money.
  • Health cost for gathering resources is now equal to the productivity target for the resource. This makes rare resources more in line with higher tier manufacturing goods.
  • Employment widget on the dashboard now shows some additional information about your recent shifts (in the last 7 days). Note that all information shown here relates only to the company you currently work for.
  • NPC's unable to meet their needs will now generate Unrest in their region. Unrest temporarily offsets a regions Appeal, making other NPC's less likely to move there until the Unrest dies down. Unrest decays by 25% of its current value each day. This system may be further balanced in future updates.
  • The number of NPCs in a region are now listed when moving a company, to empower CEOs to make more educated decisions about their company location.
  • Updated Appeal ratings for all infrastructure.
  • The chance of an NPC uprising is now related to the level of Unrest in the region. The closer a regions Unrest score to the size of its NPC population, the more likely an uprising is to occur. Unrest is reset to 0 whenever an Uprising is triggered (either by an NPC or player).
  • NPCs with the Militant or Patriotic traits will now attempt to move to participate in battles involving their citizenship nation.
  • NPC jobs will now be removed if the NPC has not worked for at least 7 days to reduce unnecessary clutter in the CEO manager. This does not affect NPC productivity, it simply removes the link between the NPC and the company (which in almost all cases, was no longer a valid link anyway).
  • Alerts in the 'Companies Needing Attention' widget now link directly to the relevant company.
  • State Companies Needing Attention now have their very own dashboard widget, visible to the President, Vice President, and Industry Minister.

Bug Fixes

  • Only display the last twenty-five workers on the CEO page to stop long load times / excessive scrolling.
  • Attempting to buy more resources than are listed, or than your company can afford, now results in the buy order being adjusted (so you will still buy the stock that is available/affordable instead of generating an error message).
  • Fixed a bug preventing a region's Appeal from updating once it had been initially set. Appeal is now properly recalculated each day for all regions.
  • Fixed an intermittent bug causing pages to sometimes fail to render (white screen bug).



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