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Version 1.4.1

Released 07/22/21

Key Changes



  • All regions now have an Appeal rating, which influences where NPC's will choose to move. Appeal defaults to zero for all regions, can be negative, and has no set limits as it is evaluated as a relative score. When an NPC decides to move, they will only consider regions with higher appeal than their current region.
  • Added an Appeal modifier to all climate zones, which will establish the base appeal for a region. Climate zones are assigned to regions when they're added to the game and are based on an average of the equivalent real-world location's typical climate.
  • Added an Appeal modifier to all Infrastructure which is applied to the region when the Infrastructure is completed (modifiers for existing Infra have been manually applied). Appeal modifier ratings will be made available along with other Infra details in the new documentation module as time allows.
  • Damage added to battles by Defence Systems should now be correctly identified instead of appearing as 'mystery damage'. The display of this information will be further tweaked over the next few days as NPC Uprisings take place.
  • Company messages are now shown on the dashboard work widget, making them useful/visible to workers again.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a database issue preventing Average Production Costs above $9.99 from being saved.
  • Fixed a bug preventing Tier 5 goods from having an Average Production Cost.
  • Fixed several bugs with NPC combat.
  • Fixed 'Total Weekly Profit' never actually being calculated on CEO page.
  • Fixed some resources never being highlighted on Resource Marketplace, even if companies require them (eg Chocolate for T3 Food).
  • Power companies no longer require/use power. CEOs of power companies that have already purchased power may request a refund by raising a ticket. Please note due to my current real-world commitments, these requests may take time to be processed.
  • Fixed only the first six results on any marketplace being visible.



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