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Version 1.4

Released 07/09/21

Key Changes


  • NPC's no longer generate CEO alerts when they accept a job offer, as this was far too spammy.
  • NPC's with low health will now attempt to use medicine to recover their health, regaining 5 health per Tier of medicine consumed.
  • NPC's are now able to buy most consumer goods, and will try and maintain a minimum inventory as the market and their bank balance allows.
  • NPC's now have a random chance to incite an uprising. An NPC can only start an uprising if they hold citizenship for the conquered nation, and only if there are no other uprisings in progress.
  • NPC's will now fight in battles occurring in their current region that affect their citizenship nation. This feature will receive additional updates and balancing over the next week, as it will require live battles to completely implement.
  • It is now possible to deposit/withdraw currency to your companies directly from the new CEO manager. To withdraw currency, simply click the desired currency balance in the Company Cash widget.
  • Added a new Power widget to the CEO Manager, making it much simpler to manage your companies power needs.
  • It now only costs 5 VBX to move a company internationally. Company moves within the same nation are now free.
  • The Move Company page now shows the nation each region is currently controlled by.
  • Added a new Companies Needing Attention widget to the dashboard. If you are a CEO, your Secretary will alert you to any company that is not currently functional, due to a lack of either cash, power or raw material (RM). These alerts will be automatically cleared by either depositing cash or purchasing the required RM/power.
  • CEO's can now quickly purchase resources direct from the Tier widgets in the CEO manager. Simply click any resource icon to purchase that resource from the company's local market.
  • When a citizen tries to work, but the company does not have sufficient RM, only job offers from the affected tier will be removed.
  • Added a Send PM button back to Citizen profiles. Please note this button will ONLY be shown if the citizen has setup their forum account.
  • Removed the notice informing users when their daily login reward was ready. This was intended as a temporary work-around to manually trigger daily rewards during a very old bug, and has not been needed for quite some time.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a typo breaking the entire Purchase Orders page.
  • Having more than 5 consumables should no longer stretch the consumables widget, breaking the header UI.
  • Removing your avatar on the website will now correctly sync to the game.
  • Fixed a bug causing NPC's health and happiness to decrease at exponential rates.
  • Fixed a bug that could potentially cause negative sales tax to be charged to the nation, when players or NPC's purchased imported goods.
  • Fixed a display bug on the battlefield causing Battle Modifiers to be loaded for the opposing side, instead of the side the player is fighting on.
  • Fixed an intermittent PHP error in the War Room.

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