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Version 1.3.3

Released 05/09/21

Key Changes


  • CEO's can now set a cap on the number of NPC's that can work for their company each day. Once this limit is reached, existing NPC employees will be unable to work, and other NPC's will no longer accept job offers. Maximum NPC shifts defaults to 10, and can be adjusted via the Edit Company button in the CEO Manager. Daily NPC shift quotas reset at DayChange (Midnight UTC).
  • NPC's no longer consume job offer slots. A company must still have suitable job offers with available slots for an NPC to accept a job.
  • NPC's now gain additional discontent if they are unable to work for any reason, increasing the chance they will quit their job and move regions.

Bug Fixes

  • Major code cleanup. Many minor bug fixes/code optimizations across the site.
  • Fixed an issue causing error messages to not always render properly when trying to consume books.
  • Cleared outdated avatar info from citizen accounts. Avatars are now handled exclusively through the forums - you must link your game/forum account, and then simply set your avatar here and it will sync to the game.
  • Fixed an error preventing CEO's from seeing the performance stats of their NPC workers.
  • Fixed a bug preventing CEO's from seeing more than the last 7 shifts of a worker, instead of all shifts in the last 7 days.
  • Fixed a bug allowing NPCs to work with 0 health/happiness. NPCs will now only attempt to work if they have at least 50 happiness and 25 health.
  • Fixed a bug breaking most of the Housing page.

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