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Version 1.3.1

Released 04/05/21

Key Changes


  • NPC's will now attempt to work once per day. If an NPC doesn't have a job, they will take the vacancy with the highest pay in their current region. NPC's will not currently take jobs with State Companies. A manager alert WILL be created when an NPC accepts a job (please let me know if this becomes too 'spammy').
  • When an NPC moves for any reason, they will automatically resign from their current job (as they cannot currently use vehicles to work interstate). A manager alert will NOT be generated when an NPC quits their job.
  • NPC's will only attempt to work once every 24 hour period. If they are unable to complete their shift due to any reason (insufficient funds to pay salary, insufficient RM, etc), they will not attempt to work again until the following day.
  • NPC workers do not generate Worker Bonus payments for nations.
  • NPC's will no longer be able to purchase goods without sufficient currency.
  • Unhappy NPC's will attempt to consume a beverage each day. Like food consumption, NPC's will only purchase a beverage if there are more than 50 on the market, from the cheapest offer.
  • NPC's will now use the Gym once per day, training a random physical skill.

Bug Fixes

  • Financial transactions involving NPC's will now be better identified in currency records. Does not apply to transactions that occured prior to this update.

Known Issues

  • 520 errors are still occurring. We are well aware of how annoying these are, and are continuing to investigate this ongoing issue. We will be upgrading server hardware later this month to hopefully address this.
  • During initial implementation of the new NPC AI features, some NPC's may have performed their daily routine multiple times today.

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