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Version 1.2.1

Released 10/20/20

Key Changes


  • Added a My Housing widget to the dashboard, that will allow players to easily access their current house or rest/relax.
  • Added a new Hospital widget to the dashboard, allowing access to the Hospital page. Over time most infrastructure will be given their own widget, including relevant quick actions and repair buttons. As infrastructure get their own widgets (like hospitals in this update), they will no longer appear in the generic "Region Infrastructure" widget.
  • Company managers can now set a cap on the number of times a worker can work for them each day (under Edit Company). This applies per citizen per company - so setting it to 4, would allow any citizen to spend their entire 100AP working 4 times in one day. This setting defaults to 2 for all companies. Although it is possible to set this to 0, the setting is only checked when a citizen has already worked at least once (so a setting of 0 is treated as 1).
  • Removed the Presidential Address feature, as it was largeley unused.
  • Removed the Quick Actions module, as these actions are now dynamically displayed on the dashboard.
  • Updated resources market to highlight the resources your company uses in green.
  • Updated the player levelling system to use an algorithm instead of preset XP amounts, effectively removing the cap on citizen levels. Players who were already at level 50 should start to level up as they perform actions, depending on how much XP they've earned since reaching 50.
  • Added a new AP Recharge Timer bar to the user widget. This bar will provide a visual cue to when you should receive your next AP.
  • Added an upgraded CEO Module to replace the old Company Manager. This is currently still a work in progress, and some features still require the old company manager.
  • Staff roster in the CEO Module now shows a workers salary as the amount they were paid for their most recent shift.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the bug causing seemingly random 500 / 520 server errors across the game.
  • Fixed a bug causing UI modules to break onto a new line unnecessarily.
  • Fixed a bug preventing users from reading the tooltips on the resources marketplace.
  • Fixed players not being able to run for congress from regions with less than 5 population (congress seats have been based on national population, not regional, for some time already).
  • Fixed a critical bug causing congress elections to not be finalized since June 2020. All nations should now have the correct congress as voted on October 15th.
  • Fixed the Sports Arena not showing who started a heat to players currently registered for the heat.
  • Fixed a bug causing all workers to be listed as having never worked in the CEO Module/Company Manager.

Known Issues

  • The Rest/Relax button on the new housing widget is displayed regardless of whether it can be used. This is not intended, and should be fixed in the next update.
  • Infrastructure daily integrity decay has been temporarily paused, while we review the function of each available infrastructure.

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