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Version 1.2.0

Released 10/01/20

Key Changes


  • Presidential Election results are now automatically processed shortly after polls close. There may initially still be delays of up to 24 hours as we monitor the new system for any bugs, but this should quickly be reduced to 1-2 hours max. (Before this update, election results had to be manually triggered by a dev/admin).
  • Military Module has now been fully converted to the Action Points (AP) system. Initially, every military action will cost 1 AP per attack. Yes, this means everyone has the option of spending a full 100 AP on attacks if they choose - though this will prevent them from working or training.
  • Quick Action buttons linked to actions that cost AP are now dynamically displayed. If you do not have sufficient AP to perform the action, the button will disapear until your AP has recovered. This will dynamically update even if you do not reload the page.
  • Currency exchange rates are now determined by the amount of currency in circulation and the amount of VBX held in the treasury.
  • Greatly increased the inflation cap, allowing for more realistic market effects.
  • Added a new Instant Sale feature to the currency exchange. This feature is available for currencies valued at or below 0.001 VBX (the cost of printing currency). Currency is sold at the current exchange rate, and is always sold for VBX.
  • Company manager now indicates the number of available purchase orders and stock on the relevant tabs.
  • When buying resources for a company, if the company cannot afford to buy all the resources you order, it will still purchase the resources it can afford. Previously this would result in an error message, forcing the player to re-attempt the purchase.
  • Began work on new AI NPC system. In the near future, these AI citizens will encourage activity by taking part in traditional daily tasks and consuming a small amount of products from the market. This is the first step in a transformational upgrade that will change the way the game is played.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue preventing Military industry items from being trashed.
  • Fixed broken page displayed after filling a purchase order from the company manager.

Known Issues

  • There is a configuration issue with the new server that is causing intermittent 500/520 Server Errors (primarily while browsing the game). We are well aware of this issue, and are investigating to determine the source of the problem. If you encounter these errors, a simple refresh of your browser should successfully load the page you're trying to access.

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