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WM quick access uplift

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Add the available First Aid column, so you know instantly which battles need more!
Also it would be tremendously helpful to see an indicator, showing the change of each battle, like say in the Kyushu battle the last hit was from Japan's side, say 1 million

In this case, show -1.000.000 with red text and a downward arrow in a separate column, this way I would know just by looking at it that someone is attacking so it needs attention.

ps. everything needs to be "live", so if you're looking at the popup, and someone is hitting in that battle, then the indicator and the numbers should change!
The battle ends in should be live counters too.

ps2. to make the indicator even more helpful, change the arrow to a double or triple arrow depending on the ratio of the change!
so still with the above Kyushu example, if there were only  1mil damage from our side before that 1 mil japan hit, that means the change is a 100% compared to our damage. That is a big change, so show it with a red downward triple arrow.

If the change was only 50%-70% show it with a double, less than that with a single arrow, you get me.

ps3. make the arrows animated (only css)
Imagine for example this type of arrow, only looking downwards or upwards in a much smaller instance, and the number of chevrons would depend on the ratio of the change, even the color of the chevrons could reflect the change, red is downward, but the brightness of the red would also depend on the ratio of the change.
Nitty little animation, smooth, fast and clean.


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