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Set minimum wage for NPCs

  • Under Review

The problem with the current setup is as the government you want to make sure the guys get enough currency for their hard work, but if you employ a skill 1 NPC sometimes you pay multiple times more than what he makes.
I could imagine two ways to tackle this, one is to create a policy to set the minimum wage separately for NPC workers (or a simple setting for say the minister of economy/vp/cp).
The other one is to somehow make it skill dependent, or to combine the two (so you can set their mw separately, then you could tick a box for skill dependent, and then it'd follow the skill somehow, so a skill 1 would get reduced by a factor of something., idk)

I don't have a final solution to this one yet, but maybe it could come handy.

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  • Developers

I'm not sure I understand your skill dependent idea. Pay is already skill dependent, except for minimum wage which sets a minimum everyone gets, even if their skill is very low.

As NPC's perform the same role that "two-clicker" players do, it seems counter-productive to not apply the same systems to them. For example, without a minimum wage, they won't be able to afford food/drinks to maintain their health/happiness.... which will impact the amount they can make, and eventually their ability to work or do anything.

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  • Administrators

That sounds good, I mean say you could set the minimum wage for NPCs separately.
Then a government could effectively control how the NPCs work (which gives me the idea that we could give even more tools for the governments to control their NPCs behavior, as perhaps they could heavily affect how certain things are going in a country , ie. researching technologies.)

But maybe I'm just fishing, I think you have a pretty clear idea how you want the npcs work in the future so this can be all irrelevant, you tell me 🙂

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