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Merge alerts together


I know we've talked about their categorization, but besides that I think we could further reduce the spam the alerts produce in general, by merging the same alerts together.

For example in the shot below, you can see that the "you don't have enough currency" and "job vacancies removed" are triggered every time when a new worker tries to work and there is still no money (or raws) in the company.

Now I see this one time, you can even say it's informative, but there is absolutely no reason to see the other 100 alerts for the same company, it's obvious that they hasn't been able to work either, also the job offers are technically only removed at the first instance.

Point is, what if when the alert triggers, the game would only push the first one, then if it's the same company and the same trigger, (say not enough currency), it would just register it, perhaps for inside use idk.

This way you'd still get the info for everything, but hopefully it'd be way less cluttered especially now that we have NPCs. (ie. I'm aiming for a 100shifts/day in some of my companies)


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