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Version 1.4.4

Released 09/28/21

Key Changes



  • AP costs for Infrastructure repairs are now pro-rata, based on the amount of repair needed. For example, if you would normally repair 60 points of damage and the Infrastructure only needs 20 points of repair, you will only use 5 AP, not 15. Pro-rata AP costs are rounded up, and cannot be less than 1.
  • Defence System damage is now properly displayed on the Battle Info screen. Note that battles occuring prior to v1.4.1 did not have Defence System damage seperately counted, so these battles will still include this damage in the overall Ground Damage pool.
  • Repair Infrastructure now shows the most damaged infrastructure at the top to make urgent repairs more accessible.
  • Increased the maximum AP to 200.
  • Improved the way Uprisings are handled on the Battle Info screen, including a more contextually-relevant outcome description (Secured for defeated uprisings, Liberated for successful ones).
  • When searching for job vacancies, companies with active alerts for missing RM or insufficient currency will be automatically hidden. Job offers for these companies will become available again as soon as the CEO resolves the alerts.
  • Your available currency is now updated automatically along with other vital stats in the UI.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed some outdated CSS causing some text to be unreadable.
  • Fixed organizations using outdated 50 item inventory limit when trying to withdraw items.
  • War Room no longer shows a deploy button for every battle after the first battle with a valid deploy button.
  • Fixed bugged entries appearing in citizen patriotism lists.
  • Removed outdated Presidential Address feature from the UI.
  • Wars in Foreign Affairs office are now correctly listed as 'declared on/by' rather than 'offered to/by'.
  • Fixed an ancient bug causing diplomatic treaties to never end.
  • NPC happiness is now correctly reset when an NPC moves.
  • Fixed several UI issues on the Battle Info screen relating to NPC damage.
  • Added missing Discord webhooks for regular (non-uprising) battles.


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