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  1. TitoBro

    Avatar saving

    Hi there! It's not the most important bug, but when will we be able to save avatars again? It always occurs an error message by trying it (using Firefox, pic in jpg, smaller then 256kb and smaller then 200x200px).
  2. House doesn't work again. No "relax" button shown.
  3. ... is the message I get when I try to fish. For a week in a row the message is shown, but I didn't fished.
  4. Everytime clicking on some game action like "work", "train", "eat", "relax", etc. the game counts the click twice. Examples: instead of using one T3 food gaining 3 health point you eat 2 T3 food and gain 3 + how much ever left. Or you train at gym your strength, it is automatically trained twice. You do not get a message, but you can see it on your action points left.
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