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RNK Split is 100 years of its existence.
We have made a festival club with such tradition.
Club did not we always go so well, the majority was in favor of various regimes,
so often had to change the name.
Often, the former state was deprived of entering the higher rank, would regularly enter
They suited clubs
Now RNK Split Croatia in the first game of the league, this year we are fourth, last year we played in Europe with Fulham

mravkonjo 85 Unread
13:44:46, 29/06/12 0
vote...Hajduk je ipak no.1 ;)
Michalion 64 Unread
22:01:09, 27/06/12 0
I'll post something in next 12 hours here gentleman :D!!
jany 89 Unread
16:29:01, 27/06/12 0
Sub!, Vote! Split is the best:)
dalmatiko 91 Unread
08:21:30, 24/05/12 0
Please sub

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