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For everyone that is interested in the military module, here is a quite long guide that you can get to understand by looking the images:

From the left bar of menues where you choose "Military" choose next "War Room"

link: https://www.vnations.net/military/war.php

Right away this options will appear in 5 tabs there:

[list][*]Our Battles
[*]Alliance Battles
[*]Other Battles

Our Battles

Before starting:
From the first tab you can see the battles of the country you are located in is directly involved with, either attacking or defending.

With every battle listed you can see 2 buttons: "deploy" or "view". With the first one you confirm your interest on participating in that battle and with the second you just become a watcher, pretty obvious for us that speak english, but not for those that don't have the game translated for them. BUT, just by clicking on deploy won't mean you can deploy, related to this idea comes one of the wariety of the mostly meaningless fails you'll be knowing when you try accessing the military module issues. Learn to avoid them following the next advices.

Down the list in any of the tabs you may allwas read: "You must be in the battle region (in case you are playing defender), the 'Launched From' region (in case you are playing attacker), or a region that borders one of these in order to deploy." so please translate that to your language if you want to help the new players. Also, make sure you know the side your country supports (attackers/defenders) to move to the proper region and and deploy and so the game won't show you the headless cangaroo.

Also, because of that, you should allways have 2 transport tickets able to use, or some fuel in your inventory, or the chance to buy it where you are and with the money you have.

The same way, you should always take with you with a weapon (better if 2) and enough ammo to use it, both of the same tier. The quantity of ammo and weapons you need is according to the military rank you got. You better take notice of that because you don't want to be without ammo or weapons at just half of your attacks. Also take notice that in this game you cannot attack without ammo, medicine or a war vehicle depending on your choices. However you want but unprovided. Again, learn to avoid the headless cangaroo telling you that there's a reason you might not continue attacking..

Taking all the previous advices you are probably ready to deploy, however, the game can still tell you there is something you are missing. There is almost no way you can play a mercenary in vN. By the fact that you have a citizenship, the diplomatic status chosen by your nation in regard to a nation you could want to fight for will decide if you are allowed by the game to fight or not.

There are just 4 types of diplomatic status you should know as soldier/warrior. Let's start talking about the less significant one, one that won't allow you to fight for a nation that holds that status with yours: "Military Alliance"

It sounds strange that this status won't allow you to fight, but it's the way it works. The only thing you can take advantage from this diplomatic status is that if that is a nation with military base you have the chance to train tactics (tank gunner) and navigation (jet pilot) skills there, instead of just "undergo basic training". The status a nation should hold with yours to let you fight for them is the "Allied" one.

To see the diplomatic status of your nation or any other in regard to yours you can by chosing the menu "Nation" to your left and then the tab "Diplomacy" as seen in the next image:


Alliance Battles
If you are located in your country, by this tab are listed the battles you can deploy and fight for sure. This are the battles from those nations that hold the "Allied" status with yours.

This battles can be incited and joined by any citizen in vN, by defect you would be fighting for defenders at least there is the "Allied" status between your nation and the invading one.

Other Battles
Mostly you might not fight in this battles, the exception would be with those battles where one of the 2 involved nation was given the "Hostile" or "War" diplomacy status by yours. You will always have the chance to fight against your enemies.

It would be weird not to see a nation holding the "Hostile" or "War" between them and the aliens, so, you may always fighr against the aliens.

Wounds / First Aid
When having wounds, your choices can be 4 but mostly 3, do not retreat from a battle at least you are sure there came someone to heal your wounds. Which is when someone chose First Aid as the attack method. You won't know it happened until retreating, when your wounds will automatically dissappear. If they don't, you can always prevent it from happening by distributing your attacks between First Aid and Marksmanship. But, for avoiding mistakes you better make sure there is enough First Aid Available before attacking, according to the much your combat skill needs for each attack. Or if you are logged into the IRC coordinate with a medic.

Always remember to prevent if you have to take medicines with you or the chance to buy some. Also, learn how many attacks you'll need to go with First Aid.

For healing your wounds there can be 2 choices left. Both need there to be a hospital:

From "Military", to your left, if there is the choice "Hospital" and a Hospital is available instead of a headless cangaroo, you'll find your options as the images will show.

The first option is paying some vBux for your treatment. The second one will mostly not be available, but can if someone choses to work as doctor in the hospital instead of working in a company that day. The price of a treatment when there is a doctor will be set by the citizen working as Doctor to pay with the local currency.

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