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Fellow Citizens,

I propose to do a number of things.


The National Minimum Wage will be set at £2.10. I think this is a vital start in our regeneration, and allows our New Citizens to progress further, and quicker. This in turn makes people more productive, not to mention enabling all citizens to use the markets, rather than scrimping for food etc


All taxes are to remain, for the time being, at 5%. As we all know, we have been in a bad place economically, and I have no plans to make it any harder. This is subject to change, but at least until the next Presidential Election, the 5% across the board will remain.


There are, at this moment in time, jobs for every citizen. If you don't have a job, please get in touch with the Government.
No one will be unemployed unless by choice.


Finally, I would once again invite all citizens to step forward, and take a place at the table of the Government. This is where the decisions are made, and your input is vital. Please just contact myself if you are interested.

Sincerely Yours,


De Facto Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

Enno Hesse 4 Unread
12:12:07, 03/12/19 0
Sound like a good plan. Did it work out?
dalmatiko 91 Unread
13:42:34, 26/06/19 2
slowly, patience
Ulaidian 35 Unread
11:37:17, 26/06/19 2
userdalmatiko Thanks, but I think it is going to be a hard path! Everything is everywhere, and all the people seem to have been killed off.
dalmatiko 91 Unread
12:08:38, 25/06/19 1
I want you success, you have my support

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