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Years of absence, you must have all thought, we are gone for good, BUT WE ARE BACK TO BUSINESS, my precioussss!
This time, we're going to point out some bugs and unfinished features, -as they come in mind- without being exhaustive.

Lets start with a mild one. If you check your achievements page, you can see the month and day, not the year though.
Since we can surely start to measure everything in years here, it'd be nice to simply see the full date, actually!

Then there is the message system (this is more of a request than a bug). It's good that now seemingly the message sending works. However, there is no way to know if the recipient read it, so perhaps when the recipient opens the message you could get a big, fat, green check icon next to the letter, indicating that it has been opened.

And to dive into some more important matters, I must mention the trashing process, no offense Xav, we luv you man, but it's rubbish. First, it's overcomplicated with a drag&drop feature, secondly even that doesn't work properly (some items can't be trashed, the modal won't come up, instead the background darkens, and nothing happens). As we've already said it in R&D, a much better and easier approach would be to drop the drag&drop altogether, and put a simple trash icon on each item in the inventory. These can be hidden by default, and shown when hovering. Clicking the trash icon would bring up a small modal, input the number of items, and then a confirm button.

And of course, there are the policies. The long-haunting "pending implementation" bug seems to be gone, instead when you try to propose a policy, you're greeted with this message:

"Database Error [aq]: Duplicate entry '30-0-19082' for key 'PRIMARY'
INSERT INTO nations_law_votes VALUES('30', '', '19082', 'yes', '')"

This should be addressed ASAP, since it affects fundamental features.

Congress elections has it's own cockroaches too, not sure if the nomination works at all, what we are sure is that it doesnt matter if you click the "run for congress" button, every day it just presents you with the elections again. Elections should be fixed along the policies, it'd be very important to have a healthy, working congress!

Finally, something we really wanted for a long time, is the possibility, to upgrade/extend your inventory.
Now this can be done in endless ways, for example

- at every 10 levels you achieve, you can upgrade your inventory once, giving you 5 extra slots
- upgrading works simply by clicking an upgrade button in the inventory
- each upgrade level costs more, 5vbx / 10vbx / 20vbx / 40vbx / 80vbx / 160vbx
- each upgrade level must be researched prior in the university so that citizens can use the feature

Although we wouldn't mind any other sensible way, for sure.

To make things more interesting, and perhaps better streamlined with the new AP system, we'd make literally every entity in the game deteriorate.
For example, you have level 3 inventory upgrade already, but you fail to repair the inventory, then when its reaches 0% integrity, it downgrades to level 2 and deterioration starts from 100% again. Of course you can -at any point- repair all entities, and deterioration would take a relatively long time, but it's a great VBX sink, and a great way to make sure you'll need to keep up everything not only reach it and be done with it.

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hey darki, sup m8, I'd say good to hear your voice, but that would be an misleading statement :)

yeah, well actually the picture is not missing, but it's coming from a third party site vnations.co.uk.
Due to it's "free" nature, of course it's down from time to time, so sometimes when you load my article, you'll see the image, sometimes it won't load.
Try refreshing!

Oh but if you have a proper host where you'd be willing to host like 50mb images and a few php script, then let me know ;)
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z78sabjan the first picture is missing

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