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Any nation interested in some training war? At least for weekends?

Or lets make some tournamant over some continent... i dont know... australia, south america or whatever.

Let's split active nations in two groups whit equal number of active players, choose leading nation in group, divide regions of continent on equal and fight for 10 days.

Who take all regions or most of them in that 10 days is the winner and group who loose must carry Dr. Oz picture as avatar for a month... or whatever :P

Suggerstion in comments or find me on discord.




come out to play :)

Alejandro Salek 90 Unread
02:21:59, 03/12/17 0
v + s
DerAllemand 18 Unread
20:10:28, 02/12/17 0
Nation conquered, can't help ;)
Tactician Beta 80 Unread
19:01:44, 02/12/17 1
V + S

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