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Видаю статтю в глобальній пресі, оскільки виявляється, що за повної окупації вірт-країни не можливо друкуватись в рідних національних ЗМІ. -- I publish an article in the global media, because it turns out that at full occupation of the country impossible to publish in their native national media.

Отже спершу я перепрошую за чинний стан речей (кінець), якщо комусь з громадян це не до вподоби.

Греки попросили нас про допомогу у війні з США. Для мене було не гарно відмовляти союзнику. Я таки усвідомлював, що це може закінчитися нашою (віртУкраїни) окупацією. Також пізніше про це зазначив в статті один з грецьких очільників (звісно маючи на увазі свою вірт-країну). Шкода, що війна для греків закінчилася так: на нервах з образою.

Аніж сидіти, нічого не робити, боятися, що коли-небудь на нас хтось нападе з будь-яким обґрунтуванням, я обрав долучитися до війни на допомогу Греції.

Наразі маю намір піти з гри.

Мене не влаштовує неспівмірність сил віртуальних Хорватії, Угорщини, США, Іспанії, і як підпірки Болгарії з одного боку та з іншого – віртУкраїни.

По-друге, в грі накопичилося багато помилок. Розробник їх не дуже виправляє. Можливо сам він з полегшенням здихне, коли гра повністю вимре (позбудеться тягаря).

По-третє, гру й до цього полишали гравці. Загальна чисельність гравців зменшувалася.

По-четверте. Я витрачаю забагато на цю гру, притомився. Й взагалі хочу зменшити час, котрий приділяю онлайн браузерним іграм.

З ігрових здобутків.

Ми в усіх своїх оригінальних регіонах побудували по одній захисній споруді (що дає 1 млн. ураження як подушка безпеки нині, раніше 5 млн.). Плюс те ж саме в прикордонних віртУкрані регіонах-колоніях.

Майже на максимум побудували споруди захисту в Києві та Закарпатті (цим напевно ніхто не може похвалитися).

В багатьох регіонах побудували дороги. З неоригінальних земель особливо у віртГрузії.

Вивчили всі проекти в університеті крім останнього чинного.

Дякую вам за спільну працю по розбудові віртуальної держави віртУкраїни.

За спільні бойові дії.

Багато з вас жертвували гроші та вбх на розбудову віртУкраїни.

Ми пробули багато часу в цій грі. Всього вам доброго в РЖ.

z78sabjan 94 Unread
22:32:27, 24/01/17 0
Plantago All what you have just stated were like this even way before this war started with USA. Then explain it to me please, why you leave the game after your country got deleted, not before? :)

this is fine however, you don't have to have any "excuse" it's totally up to you if you enjoy being here or not, but i'ts absolutely no different than what hellas did. They tried to overcome us, they failed, they left. You did just the same
(Last Edited 22:41:01, 24/01/17)
Plantago 82 Unread
22:23:05, 24/01/17 0
2 @Dirty Harry
I try make it more clear for you.
Problem is not wipe as is. And really vUkraine has guns, tanks, jets, some missiles and hundreds of liquid vbux for continuing fight. Problem has more complex.
At first - balance! we had two reasons for support vHellas - they was helping us at the start, when vUkraine was just created, and their side was more weak. We supported weakest side because Croatia-Hungary-Spain was strongest, any country had no chance against CHS without support other countries. This balancing was important for us. Every live game must have two (or more) different side without absolute domination any. In other case game is lose interest (imho - interest go out even if dominator is you). In this game power of sides was not balanced never (since 2013, maybe more early), but any sides did not had absolute domination. This system was broke down when vHellas left game. Maybe future will make a new order (for example Croatia+USA vs Hungry+Spain), why not? But imho a new order will able after finish this round of War (sorry, Bolivia).

Next (this part is most important personaly for me), we got a lot of achieves - we built big community (not now, but we had around one hundred players), we built strong diversified economy (imho this game have best economic system, it was really funny building it), and vUkraine attacked the Alien fleet and fucked aliens queen! (it was funny :)))), and broke down hordes of zombies, and researched technologies, and... and... and. It was a good game, my hats for the creator. But what's next? nothing. :( Game over. What players do when game over? exit from the game.

And last, but not least - Odo just tired (poor leadership skills? bhahaha) and anyone vUkrainian player doesn`t to want manage government.
z78sabjan 94 Unread
16:08:16, 24/01/17 2
I'd just add one thing regarding the Defence Systems. They were doing 5mil damage back then when they were built. Now do a little math. In Zakarpattia for example, there are 5 (the maximum) of every single defence infrastructure. That meant a flat 25mil advantage, plus if you count the tank traps and sams and bunkers, that's another serious blow to the damage of the enemy. Just to feel the effects of these, I do roughly 3mil damage if there is no sam, in Zakarpattia I did 2mil... Now things have changed. We lost even more people, which resulted in less damage. In 2 days while a battle lasts Croatia was able to put up roughly 31mil damage, Ukraine is similar. The rest of the countries even less. In simple terms that means the defence systems were able to overcome the STRONGEST COUNTRIES WHOLE DAMAGE CAPABILITIES!
Now defence systems were NOT introduced, to make your country unconquerable! They were introduced to ASSIST. Obviously as population changes, these had to be adjusted too. If tomorrow we will have 10 times more players, then trust me, def systems would be adjusted again, making them stronger. Otherwise what would be the point of having wars at all? None of the Greeks were upset of this change when they were conquering USA, were they? But when we started hitting back and attacking them, it instantly became a question of "dev helping us against them" topic.
And I agree, I don't know if the rest of the Ukrainians are clear about this, but we were NOT gonna delete Ukraine! In fact we stopped the attacks when we took their external regions. But instead of seeking peace, Ukraine choose to attack. This was a huge mistake imo, because there were NO CHANCE of them winning this war alone. Maybe they did it out of proud, or just for fun, I'll never know, but to be honest after Hellas I didn't expect Ukraine doing the same, and choose to rather leave the game. Anyhow, as I told cszoli, the people who leaves now with these excuses, would have left anyway sooner or later, so farewell.
Booms 90 Unread
10:27:07, 24/01/17 9
Lame article but I can understand him. vUkraine based their defense on massive amount of Defence Systems who are quite useless at the moment. (special thanks for that goes to his dear friend Metralla) They spen bunch of VBUX on them. Even if you lost region, you can win it back with uprising day after. And thing that almost every Ukrainian region have at least one DS, it would be huge amount of damage drain on enemy side. So I get his point. and agree with him that that rule change everithing in defence strategy.
Also, they choose the winning side at that time. Countless amount of missles, USA lost region after region, poor organization on opposite side... who would think that things can go wrong. Right?
Plus if I may add that at the begginig of Hellas attack on leaderless and unorganised USA we didn't herd "voice of reason" from Ukrainian side. Things went well, USA was almost gone, who care about comunity... right?
Also I respect them for fighting till the end. But I also think that Odonacer have poor leadership skills. After fall of Kiev vSpain and vHungary offer peace, Odo reply with uprising.... quite stupid imho.
Nevertheless, Odonacer is not vUkraine, Metralla is not vHellas, z78sabjan is not vHungary, and so on... I hope there is somebody out there who have balls to take responsibility and take his country back. I'm sure we are all open for agreement whit normal people, not scumbags.
Dirty Harry 85 Unread
06:47:05, 24/01/17 3
I really do not undestand You, who leaves the game because they lost some battles. If You are not enough strong (withouth the vGreeks) to liberate Your country, why do not try you to negotiate with vBulgaria, vCroatia, vHungary, vUSA, etc.?
Plantago 82 Unread
19:44:44, 23/01/17 0

Я прийшов у цю гру, коли вУкраїна з'явилась і йду, коли вона тут зникла (де-факто). Що ж, це була загалом цікава гра, дякую всім. :)
z78sabjan 94 Unread
13:48:07, 23/01/17 0
Take care Odo, may we meet somewhere else one day.
AmaranthUA 71 Unread
13:41:45, 23/01/17 1

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