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z78sabjan Just to clarify, when you write "you", does that "you" mean plural? I think it does, and there's a bit of a problem if you think we all cry and say you are evil. We play according to a pact of loyalty that we agreed a long while ago. That does not mean we all think the same.

I think differently to what Alejandro Salek thinks. He is kind of in the middle, he is too much of an explainer. He is all the time explaining but I seriously doubt he makes his mind. There is probably a difference to be perceived between the tl;dr explanations and the tl;dr crying there is on our side. Some cry, some explain, some clarify. Most of us don't call you evil, a few probably do. I won't say there isn't such a thing.

We don't want to change sides until there is an agreement. It should be easier now after we get wiped from the map. I remember there was a lot of talking with Hungary back in the days. But I also remember that the bad guys for us then, were Bulgaria, Croatia and Poland, since we had been talking with you (Argentina - Hungary) and the Italian people (Bolivia - Italy). I also remember we were upset with the Ukrainian campaign like when they attacked Portugal. In the end we chose not to continue those talks because Italy and Croatia went to war. We defended Portugal from Ukraine and so we did with Italy when Croatia attacked.

But around that time you got together with Croatia as the leading element of your alliance. They attacked Italy and Brazil, then Portugal and Ukraine learned they could use some diplomacy. Portugal went neutral and Ukraine conveniently got allied with Hellas. We no longer understood what was Bulgaria's game, neither Poland's nor Spain's. In the very beginning we only supplied the FAA in all battles, but that was not going to make much of a difference. For some battles we had to work shifts in the hospitals and deal some damage, first against Croatian only.

Our trolling was not meant to be really aggressive or personal, but I cannot say that for all of us. Then Lord Matias left and so did some other Argentinean players who were the ones you had better relations with. cszoly and another player of yours who left the game were always nice and respected among us here, we did not have a chance to continue with those talks because the sudden events demanded action.

We refuse to go neutral because we refuse to get bored or get you bored. So, understand what we do, not as our will to be your enemies, but as our best wishes for you not to ever get bored. Best regards, your friends and rivals.

Booms 90 Unread
12:35:13, 30/12/16 0
Hello Evo Morales

Alejandro Salek 90 Unread
11:03:02, 30/12/16 0
Hello Booms Booms! How do you boom your Booms Booms, Booms Booms?
Booms 90 Unread
07:31:41, 30/12/16 3
WTF is this all about?
Suddenly we have bunch of Robin Hoods, Batmans, Supermans and other fags in yoga pants and leotards who wants to help the weak and helpless.
You choose wrong side and now you will get big jucy mega jumbo bitchslap.
End of story.
Alejandro Salek 90 Unread
03:48:11, 30/12/16 0
z78sabjan we gave our word long ago that whatever the reason was, we were going to fight for Hellas, Argentina or Brazil. If any of them free us from that commitment, then we go back to the game of not aggressions on the weaker side, or we even help the weaker ones.
z78sabjan 93 Unread
21:00:58, 29/12/16 0
Ok, but if that so, then how about when Hellas attacked USA for two weeks? I mean they were clearly stronger. If not, then how the hell they took 80% of USA regions, and been able to assault their capitol twice?
Tactician Beta 80 Unread
20:19:18, 29/12/16 1
No, in that particular case we had a given word from back in the days of Beta times, as it is now with Argentina or it would be with Brazil. In any other conflict we are used to choose according to who is the weakest and to help with the FAA pool only, exceptions are made when our confirmed allies join the conflict. But when we happen to be neutral, we choose that way you read.
z78sabjan 93 Unread
19:07:55, 29/12/16 0
Maybe I misunderstood you, do you mean you thought Hellas is the weaker side, and that's why you joined them?
Tactician Beta 80 Unread
18:51:42, 29/12/16 0
Once it is shown to us which the weakest side is, we'll join them, unless our word is committed differently in advance.
z78sabjan 93 Unread
18:23:36, 29/12/16 1
I reckon I totally get you Tactician Beta, we think much alike!
"Our side" is not different at all. Obviously we are all the same, we try to enjoy it as much as you do.

Whatever these wars bring, however they end, they are only here to make the game more interesting than just an economic simulator. And countries always get back their regions after some time -given if there are anyone left to play it- :)

We only recognized, that after the start of war, suddenly all of South America fights against us. But you know, anytime since, you could have approached us. A small in-game pm. or whatever, coming to the chat, but none the sort happened. We saw who fights against us, and who is with us. Even now it's only you, who at all said something, in a public article, what would have you done different?

btw. cszoli is still here :)
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