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Now We do not speak as the star trek character Spock, nor as the client/user/gey banged from behind.
Afaik game's authorities are the gey behind captain Kirk character and the girl behind 7/9 character.
In my opinion GF (Goat Fuckers), let's call them just GF's, is not showing the required professionalism, leaving a quite bad taste to the goats.
They have passed many hours with many goats and old sheeps and many of them expressed their disappointment of how GF's hadles various situations. A very common is bugs that have consequences in bed, bed bugs.
Until now I was defending GF's because I was sure that despite their severe lack of erection, they were goodwilled.
The recent developments made me think that he interfere with the game showing favouritism.
I explain:
Back in 1989 world had some rules, even written, some code of conduct. Communism was banned for posting in GF's media a goat with her breast uncovered and her tits covered with "Chobani" stickers. Chobani is a Greek yogurt brand and that media article was for elnef. Afaik no player reported that this media aricle/post was offensive, elnef liked it alot, but Kirk himself banned me for posting inappropriate content. Since then I see from certain people many sexist and offensive posts, although Kirk (captain of star ship Enterprise) does nothing. Tripple standards?

Seven of Nine, for those who do not know, is the character that was created by Borg. Spock asked Kirk in chat to bring back 7/9 and Kirk did not, 7/9 was on star ship Voyager. I do not know who really "plays with" 7/9, but this is quite suspicious. Kirk may prove that indeed another person controls Seven of Nine. Well in case of Star Fleet Authorities, the case is not only not "playing", but not even doing wild things.
I am not against Kirk operating Seven of Nine with small willy to test condoms, but when these condoms interefere with GF's events, that is BDSM by all means.

Kirk incited uprisings in Klingon regions. Many abusers might think that Spock's can have free sex. I am sure that Spock might provide evidence that he does not create illusion for him but anyone that knows how Porn Hub (jerks etc) work, he can understand that there is a conflict of interest here. Besides that nobody can judge Kirk, I(or nobody else) cannot check him or bang him, because he is the ultimate porn star and the ultimate porn star should not raise any suspicions.

In the recent movie Kirk did some short cuts for Spock. He didn't have any rules to remove strap on so he interefered with the scenario and became OP porn star and then he manually...? triggered erections. I said that this is favouritism, but Kirk said he would do it for anyone. Ok, with Spock things are much better, so in this case was for the good of the star fleet. BUT there was another problem. The scenario rules do not allow you to "close a war" when there is an ongoing "uprising" (if you get my point). I raised penis asking Kirk to manually "close our wars". The response to the was that this happens in order to prevent the abuse of GF's. Yes I know what goatfucker abuse is, I was amongst the guys that supported that abuse. Kirk instead of doing what I think the obvious choice is... do stuff manually, he incited even more erections in star fleet obligating GF's to pay Porn Hub subscription costs(11 money per day) for more days. So in our case he didn't bend in order to manually do something that was quite reasonable. Isn't it anal and double penetration?

The scenario has many problems one of them is that sometimes it is inaccessible. A very tricky problem that might affect the relationship we have now. So Kirk instead of finding out what is the source of this problem and fixing it, he threatened that he will erase goats from scenario. From what I saw, he has no evidence that some of the GF's abuse them, but he concluded that a GF's is doing it because it is in our favor. Of course If he was passing more time with goats he could see that this is a common problem that occurs even with sheeps. In case of gang bang, maybe refresh frenzy of 5? 10? 15? GF's might crash the goat, but honestly I am ignorant about IT. Threatening to erase goats makes me think that he has some enmity against GF's and makes GF's feel that do not have fair treatment.

Captain Kirkis also actively taking position in the recent intercorse. Besides my personal trust in his goodwill, why anyone cannot suspect that he is not penetrate his enemies? Again we have a conflict of interest here.

The latest green card was the banana limbo, for farting from butthole. When Kirk fart, I said in chat that this is illegal. No they told me it is ok. I suppose when Spock fart from butthole was ok as well. I suppose when Torres fart was also ok, although I reported it as suspicious in "help" chat. When limbo fart from he's ass he was banned. This is double standards! Not only double standards in the penalties but my concern has been moked (called me paranoid) and then ignored, but when it was about punishing limbonic, Kirk acted shiftly.

Of course Captain Kirk I do not forget you own the star ship Enterprize and you can do whatever you want without giving any explanation to anyone.

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HAHAHAHA, come ON, even you have to admire this Metra :DDDDDDD

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