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Now I do not speak as the vnations' character metralla, but as the client/user/guy behind.
Afaik game's authorities are the guy behind Darkmyre character and the guy behind z78sabjan character.
In my opinion GA(Game Authorities), let's call them just Xavier, is not showing the required professionalism, leaving a quite bad taste to the users.
I have passed many hours with many community builders and old players and many of them expressed their disappointment of how Xavier hadles various situations. A very common is bugs that have consequences in wars and country development.
Until now I was defending Xavier because I was sure that despite his severe lack of means, he was goodwilled.
The recent developments made me think that he interfere with the game showing favouritism.
I explain:
Back in 2011 vN had some rules, even written, some code of conduct. I was banned for posting in vN media a lady with her breast uncovered and her tits covered with "Zagorka" stickers. Zagorka is a Bulgarian beer brand and that media article was for SirDude. Afaik no player reported that this media aricle/post was offensive, SirDude liked it alot, but Xavier himself banned me for posting inappropriate content. Since then I see from certain people many sexist and offensive posts, although Xavier(Gaming Authorities) does nothing. Double standards?

Cerri, for those who do not know, is the character that was created by the RL wife/spouse/girlfriend/partner of Xavier. romper asked Xavier in chat to bring back Cerri and Xavier did it, Cerri was alive again after 5? years. I do not know who really plays Cerri account, but this is quite suspicious. Xavier may prove that indeed another person controls Cerri account. Well in case of Gaming Authorities, the case is not only not cheating, but not even doing suspicious things.
I am not against Xavier operating multiple accounts for supporting small struggling countries to produce and to test game features, but when these accounts interefere with central in-game events, this is favouritism by all means.

Xavier incited uprisings in Australian regions. Many users might think that Admin's account can have free VBUX. I am sure that Xavier might prodive evidence that he does not create VBUX for him but anyone that knows how justice(lawyers etc) work, he can understand that there is a conflict of interest here. Besides that nobody can judge Xavier, I(or nobody else) cannot check him or ban him, because he is the ultimate judge and the ultimate judge should not raise any suspicions.

In the recent war Xavier did some short cuts for USA. He didn't have any rules to remove dictator so he interefered with the game and became CP of USA and then he manually? triggered elections. I said that this is favouritism, but Xavier said he would do it for anyone. Ok, with romper things are much better, so in this case was for the good of the game. BUT there was another problem. The diplomacy rules do not allow you to close a war when there is an ongoing uprising. I raised a ticket asking Xavier to manually close our wars with Canada and Australia since the countries were erased and the game didn't allow us because of the ongoing uprisings. The response to the ticket was that this happens in order to prevent the abuse of war declarations. Yes I know what war declaration abuse is, I was amongst the guys that supported that war declarations abuse should be outruled. Xavier instead of doing what I think the obvious choice is...closing the war manually, he incited even more uprisings in Australia obligating Hellas to pay war upkeep costs(11 vbux per day) for more days. So in our case he didn't bend the rules in order to manually do something that was quite reasonable. Isn't it favouritism and double standards?

The game has many problems one of them is that sometimes it is inaccessible. A very tricky problem that might affect the battles we have now. So Xavier instead of finding out what is the source of this problem and fixing it, he threatened that he will erase Hellas and Ukraine. From what I saw, he has no evidence that some of the players is causing it, but he concluded that a Greek or Ukranian is doing it because it is in our favor. Of course If he was passing more time in the game he could see that this is a common problem that occurs even in random moments. In case of battles' last minutes, maybe refresh frenzy of 5? 10? 15? players might crash the game, but honestly I am ignorant about IT. Threatening to erase 2 countries makes me think that he has some enmity against Hellas and Ukraine and makes Greeks and Ukranians feel that do not have fair treatment.

Darkmyre is also actively taking position in the recent war. Besides my personal trust in his goodwill, why anyone cannot suspect that he is not spying his enemies' companies, PMs, stocks etc since he has the power to do it? Again we have a conflict of interest here.

The latest red card was the ban of limbonic, for firing missiles from Hungarian SAM. When USA fired missiles from Hungarian SAM in Hungarian region(Jerusalem) I said in chat that this is illegal. No they told me it is ok. I suppose when Hungary fired missiles from Hungarian SAM in a Hellenic region(Judea and Samaria) was ok as well. I suppose when Hungary fired missile from Brasilian SAM in Brasilian region(KwaZulu-Natal) was also ok, although I reported it as suspicious in "help" chat. When limbonic fired missile from a Hungarian SAM in Hungarian region(Antarctica) he was banned. This is double standards! Not only double standards in the penalties but my concern has been moked (called me paranoid) and then ignored, but when it was about punishing limbonic, Xavier acted shiftly.

Of course Xavier I do not forget you own the game and you can do whatever you want without giving any explanation to anyone.

z78sabjan 94 Unread
23:00:43, 06/12/16 1
I see you still like to accuse others with BS. Sad...
Salvatore 77 Unread
18:32:38, 06/12/16 0
No Fair Play from Administration
z78sabjan 94 Unread
15:44:51, 06/12/16 1
Of course it was a bug, Australia was merged with USA, why on earth he would have wanted to stay CP of a non-existent country anyway?? :)) To do what?? The worst thing is, that Metralla exactly knew this, because he talked with Xav on discord about it, and Xav explained it to him, still he's trying to use it as a tool to make us look bad...
romper 83 Unread
07:23:08, 06/12/16 1
How was he holding AUS presidency with USA citizenship? And why is it impossible for you to believe that it was just display bug? You will go insane if you see conspiracy behind everything....
Darkmyre 87 Unread
22:44:44, 05/12/16 2
Metralla You want professionalism? Fine, banned for slander.
Booms 90 Unread
20:37:50, 05/12/16 2
z78sabjan 94 Unread
20:28:29, 05/12/16 4
Lies lies lies...
Can't even care to comment on them...
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Metralla 93 Unread
20:21:59, 05/12/16 0
Biggles I PMed you about in game issues. My position here is that Xavier in case of USA he helped them to get away from the problematic situation. I am uncertain If he did it properly since he just took over presidency, while he was holding AUS presidency as well(display error according to him).
But I do not complain about this, I complain that he did some interventions to help USA, but he did not do some interventions to help Hellas with the problematic situation of war declaration. Well I do not even complain that he didn't intervent to help Hellas, I complain that he incited uprisings worsening the problem that he already knew we had.
So he helps USA(not bad to help people) and does deliberately things harder for bad to help certain people only.
z78sabjan 94 Unread
20:16:54, 05/12/16 2
@Beneduzzi-88: what you can't remember, I can't answer...

Darkmyre could you please confirm that Brazilian defences went offline? Coz I don't remember such case.

What Brazilian defences you face? You never did that, and this is actually the FOURTH time I'm explaining it and I hope it can be the last, that a bug with SAMs allowed BOTH Greece AND Huns AND any other nation to use your SAM, because it WAS in an occupied region. Since Hellas could used Brazil's SAM just like WE could, what's your problem with it?

The next one is that you can only incite RW's if you were born in that nation. Well, this rule change was mad LONG LONG before this conflict, if you didn't like it why didn't you complain then?? Or EVER since? Now you saying it like if it was made to favor OUR side? That's ridiculous!

Also, it doesn't matter if you merged or not, just like you, Australia merged with USA and you know what? USA CITIZENS CANNOT DO UPRISINGS IN AUSTRALIA EITHER !!! Wow, how unfair right, AGAIN, where does it favor us???

BTW, if any of you wanna know, who doesn't follow development otherwise, the rule change about inciting RW's had one goal in mind: to stop ANY nation trying to use it as a tool for war! Since defending were made much easier, inciting an uprising costs only 5VBX, and people around the world started to use it as a tool to distract other battles. Our goal was to motivate countries to fight again, not to just make them do RW's, but in the same time of course, let an occupied country to do it, since that is it's purpose! For example, Brazil gets occupied by Hellas, then how the hell Hungarians would be able to uprise?? Only Brazilians can do that. That means you need more people, that encourages growth. Of course all in theory, we're not magicians to predict the exact future, that's why there is ALWAYS an open debate over rules, if ANYONE is not too lazy and wanna shape the future of the game, they could come ANY TIME, and share their opinions. Why is that usually Xav, Metra and me who are interested in it only, then when changes are made everyone has an opinion? :) And usually negative ones.

And if you say you're not going to argue, then again, don't throw accusations, coz this just proved me again, NO CHANGES WERE MADE TO FAVOR ANY COUNTRY LET THAT BE HUNGARY, USA, OR HELLAS...

EVER ...

ps. I know you hate Hungary since we deleted Brail back in the days @Beneduzzi-88:, but you must know me as well for a long time, like someone who when it comes to rules tries to be unbiased and propose changes regardless of my in-game character. I proposed changes so many times, which were eventually hurt our own interest, in favor of a more balanced game, let that be attacker or defender side. Ask around freely what did I say since the beginning of this war: that whatever happens, even if we get deleted, I'm happy, that something's happening after all these boring years! Not because that's good for Hungary, or my char, but because it's hopefully good for the game, which in turn MUST BE good for Hungary at some point too!
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Beneduzzi-88 85 Unread
20:05:14, 05/12/16 0
Well, it's a lot of rules change from day to night. Many bugs that harm some countries or players. I will not remember.

But since you asked about us, the defenses stopped working in the days of the Hungarian attack on Brazil. After i complained a lot, they came back, but with much less damage. Why did not they go back to what they should be? As I said at the time, regardless of the invasion, we were the biggest harmed because we are a country with few players and territories and we invested everything in the defenses.

Now, when i face Hungary, why am i facing Brazilian defenses?

I got discouraged and stopped playing for three months.
Now when i come back, i see that we Brazilians can not do uprising in the African territories, because they have to be a native. Right now?

I believe that a large part of the territories of the world does not have a native player or a citizen. I do not think it's a good rule.

Moreover, as far as i know, merge with South Africa was requested ,but it was never accepted. So we could do uprising.

There are many things unfair things, for example territories. USA = 50. Mexico = 32. Brazil = 5 ?!

But i will not waste my time arguing here. I do not know why i saw it now. Nothing is going to change. I do not even know why i came back to play.

By the way, i know. To face the dark side, led by Darkmyre Sith and z78sabjan Vader

I'm joking, Sabjan. I have respect for you. And nothing personal against the Hungarians. Wars are part of the game, and the Hungarian players are not to blame for the bug that harmed us.

Like i said, i'm not going to get into arguments anymore.
z78sabjan 94 Unread
18:13:05, 05/12/16 0
Don't just blindly throw accusations @Beneduzzi-88:, it's easy to say "you cheated", and clearly you guys do that whenever things doesn't go in your favor. Give me the example, what has been changed in those "very appropriate times"?
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Beneduzzi-88 85 Unread
18:09:57, 05/12/16 0
This game have too special rules, and these rules change at very appropriate times for some countries ... You should already know my friend
Biggles 87 Unread
18:08:04, 05/12/16 2
"In the recent war Xavier did some short cuts for USA. He didn't have any rules to remove dictator so he interefered with the game and became CP of USA and then he manually? triggered elections. I said that this is favouritism, but Xavier said he would do it for anyone."

Metralla Now the truth is I put up a congressional vote to remove our inactive dictator which passed unanimously. For weeks we had to vote for a new dictator every day, which was clearly bugged since no matter who won they would not be elected and would just trigger a new election. romper contacted Darkmyre to get the problem resolved.

Meanwhile Hellas started taking our regions while we were leaderless...
z78sabjan 94 Unread
18:07:17, 05/12/16 1
@Metralla, short answers to all your questions:

first I as a moderator, do nothing more than i did for the past 5 years, trying to help fix bugs, reporting tickets, check stuff in-game and you know all of this. the only difference is that xav recognized me "officially" some time ago. i do not have any direct influence to game mechanics, nor the code.

about double standards, afaik Xav didn't ban either Booms nor elnef nor the other greek guy now i can't remember his name, for posting pretty offensive words, on one side "goatfuckers" etc, the other side "fascist" "mother is a whore" etc. Pretty fair isn't it? I guess so...

About cerri, sure, you could have your suspicions, i don't control her, but let me just give you another example, Veszpremi is my girlfriend's acc, and she got back recently too, just because i asked her, obviously because we need as many as possible to fight the war... So are you gonna accuse me of cheating and controlling a fake account too? Coz you can do that, but that doesn't mean you have any base for it...

About the manual intervention in elections in the US, Xav explained to you FACE TO FACE in discord what he did and why, and even you thought it's understandable, and as you said he would have done it for others too, which is quite believable i think, considering the nature og it, just like there was the other issue, now that ppl can only incite uprisings with their born CS, and because some people were forced to born in foreign countries back in the time, Xav said he will change the born CS for ANYONE manually ONCE, thus rectifying the issue. Same thing...

The next one, closing the battles manually? That would be some double standards! Since the war started we obviously started to experience the flaws of the WM which we couldn't before, because of the lack of experiencing it. Since then I proposed many MANY changes, and as i ALREADY answered to you in that ticket, the only reason we didn't introduce those changes yet, because we wanted to avoid even the suspicion of biased decisions!;sa=ticket;ticket=7878 You clearly throwing everything what you're not satisfied with, even the ones that's been -i think- fully explained and answered... I told you that we agreed that WE WON'T CHANGE rules directly affecting the war UNTIL server move, AND until the war is over -some at server move, some after- If we didn't do changes proposed by me to stay unbiased, WHY on earth we should have change what YOU propose until then??? Xav just continued what he was doing before, not to mock you, not to abuse this thing because of your ticket as you thought paranoidly, but simply because AS I TOLD YOU, we won't change these rules till then!

About the DDOS, right until Xav got sick of it and bursted out in chat, he continuosly reported us that it seems that someone/someones purposely mail spam the server in lat minutes of battles, trying to make it impossible to defend in them. I saw the chat too, it wasn't aimed at YOU personally, but whoever was behind it. LEt me add, that since then DDOS stopped to the best of my knowledge...

The next one is a conspiracy theory also, "why cannot one suspect this and that" Well, you can suspect whatever you like, but ask around US and allies how much they know about your companies and stuff, and you'll pretty much see that they know nothing. nothing more what we could have estimate and wild-guess...
While that's definitely not proof, it's at least as much as your suspicion...

And the last one is something AGAIN what I ALREADY answered to you TWICE in in-game chat!
I told you that SAMs are bugged. You could see that like I did. And I explained a VERY BIG difference from those you mentioned... As I told you Jerusalem is NOT a Hungarian region originally, let's call these regions "neutral" in our case. So from neutral regions it seemed that the system let's you fire missiles from ANY side! Either be you or us! Exactly the same happened in South Africa, which was another neutral region, occupied by Brasil. Hellas was ABLE to fire missiles at Hungary from there, while they shouldn't either. Why haven't you cried out, and asked Xav to remove your SAM damage from there? Coz you see if we'd have done that, you'd have lost that battle... The big difference in limbonic's case was, that his missiles were fired FROM HUNGARIAN region, from HUNGARIAN SAM, AT HUNGARY!!!!
And by that time it was ABSOLUTELY clear that the SAMs are bugged, and I think it's obvious to ANY player that you shouldn't be able to use your enemy's SAM to fire at them, no?
He purposely and knowingly abused a very clear bug, which has always met harsh punishment either the past or now!!

Lastly, what you say is that your concerns been mocked, that's true, you see when you accuse someone with trivial things, don't get surprised if they call you "paranoid", on the other hand what you say, that these concerns of yours were ignored, is a plain lie. Each and every case you got explanation, there are your tickets to check what I'm saying is true, or anyone who wants to can follow up in the in-game chat and see themselves, that you got proper answers each time!

Just like now you did...
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Metralla 93 Unread
17:27:17, 05/12/16 0
romper Is it exploit? Ok let's assume it is. I asked from Xav an explanation of SAM rules. I asked that because hungarians fired missiles from brasilian SAM in brasilian territory without being allied with Brasil. Is it an exploit as well?
To me it seems it is, but I do not know for sure that's why I asked for clarification.
A responsible clear answer didn't come, but when it was about examining a possible exploitation of a Greek, then justice came shiftly and instead of just reverting the result he banned limbonic, as If limbonic or anyone else can find somewhere what combination of region ownership and SAM ownership is legal and what is not. Antarctica is a special region, so maybe it has special SAM rules, who knows?

Darkmyre Moking the users/clients for expressing their complains shows lack of professionalism and personal enmity. As I pointed out in the beggining of this appeal, I have talked with many many players all these years, some of them famous leaders of communities and others just players and I have heard many complains about the administration.

z78sabjan When someone has the badge of Amdin and Moderator, it means he is not a common player, but what he says and does represent at some point game's policy as well.
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z78sabjan 94 Unread
15:06:00, 05/12/16 0
AHAHAHAHA, me as a "game authority"????? LOL
The rest I haven't read yet, I'll comment later, now I'm in a hurry, but maaaan, I feel honored! :)
romper 83 Unread
14:48:32, 05/12/16 1
Metralla There is logic behind cases you mention, like for example using ally SAM but only nations directly involved in battle can use it.
No matter how hard you try you can't justify missile firing from Hungarian SAM in Hungarian region. That is exploit regardless of what you write as explanation.

I am pointing out that Xav is not playing Cerri. I asked him live on chat to tell cerri to fire missiles and he said she wasn't available. If he plays it then reply would be ok, I will tell her. Got it?
Metralla 93 Unread
14:41:38, 05/12/16 0
romper I know Cerri was not available then, she was inactive for like 5 years. You asked Xav to bring her back and he did it. We do not say something different, do we?

I said that there is a problem with SAM rules when you fired missiles from hungarian SAM in hungarian region and Xav moked me that I am paranoid. I said in global in game help chat that there is a problem with z78sabjan firing missiles from brasilian SAM. He is not just a user he is a moderator of the game. A moderator was cheating? Nobody really cared If that was legal or not.
I asked SAM rules explanation...administration ignored me.
When limbonic fired missile and pointed out that yes something was wrong all along. He was banned immediately. So Xavier listens to you asap and gives penalties while when I say something, I am paranoid. How does it look?
Darkmyre 87 Unread
14:30:19, 05/12/16 1
I'd formulate a reply, but you wouldn't believe me anyway, so I guess all I can offer you is this:

Skylovaravas 77 Unread
14:27:07, 05/12/16 3
No Fair Play from Administration
romper 83 Unread
14:25:38, 05/12/16 1
Tldr, after mentioning me.
Cerri was not available to fire missiles when I asked Xav in chat. So much about that.

Greek firing missile from Hungarian SAM in Hungarian controlled region against Hungary? Clear bug exploit and reason I wrote a ticket. There is no comparison to other situations and you know it. Denying it means you apply double standards.

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