Meanwhile in "people army HQ" 17 1

z78sabjan 93 Unread
15:18:58, 02/12/16 0
Guys try to keep it above the personal line :) I know it's heated and stuff, but there is no need to try to hurt each other!
elnef 82 Unread
15:08:56, 02/12/16 0
You will be fired and clients will miss your great ass. Go now.
Booms 90 Unread
14:38:44, 02/12/16 3
Yeah well, one by one. Your mom takes all squad at once. I bet she let you dip your willy with discount.
elnef 82 Unread
14:30:55, 02/12/16 0
Go to the next client. It's not time for break.
Booms 90 Unread
14:29:04, 02/12/16 0
elnef crisis? Looks like you didn't stick your tong into goat butt for quite some time.
elnef 82 Unread
13:51:17, 02/12/16 0
Male slut talking about sluts? Why not! You have huge experience!
Clients are waiting to fuck your asshole. Go don't waste time bitch.
Booms 90 Unread
13:33:16, 02/12/16 0
LOL elnef is that the best you can come up with? Thats nice. I was expecting at least something more then cheap insult. At least something little more expressive. But I guess your small goatfucker half dead damaged little brain cant handle more than cheap half retarded phrase. I've read an article like half year ago that prostitution rise in Greece since people are out of money, crisis and that stuff. And that bunch of womans start to prostitute them selves. But now I figure it out. Greek womans are not cheap sluts because of crisis, no. It's because greak men like goats, thats why greek womans are cheap sluts. Because if they are expensive nobody would fuck them since they are ugly like elnefs slutty mom. One more thing.... KMEEEEEEEEE!!!! :)))))
elnef 82 Unread
11:24:43, 02/12/16 0
booms It's pity that your father didn't end you when he was raping you. He would do a great favor in mankind.
And all of this because your whore mother client condom broke.

Kill your shitty family and suicide asshole.
Booms 90 Unread
06:45:11, 02/12/16 3
elnef Thats not the way to talk about your grand mother! Only thing I can tell you that you mother was the cheapest one I've ever fuck in ass. It's great mistery to me how you even born if you were made through the ass. Hmmmm.... let me think about that.... if you were made in the ass, then logicaly you came out from the ass. So we can elaborate that you are just another goatfucker piece of SHIT. Daddy still loves you.
elnef 82 Unread
23:52:59, 01/12/16 0
Your mother is great whore. One of the best i hear. Tell her to keep the great job.
z78sabjan 93 Unread
22:48:35, 01/12/16 1


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