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Back in the day, when in the west we were in rumble with NES, behind the iron curtain they were rationing electricity to 20kWh per month and food to 2500 calories per day, so kids had to adapt to the socialist ideas, adopting simpler games, such as rope skipping! And here it is, the socialist legacy, the best buttocks on the world, because "DAS KAPITAL" is a sophisticated diet and excersize manual !

Enjoy, by the official approval of Dolgozók Pártja (try to pronounce that, you capitalist pig)

post your own commiebuttocks experience and win

Alejandro Salek 90 Unread
19:52:22, 04/09/16 1
I just read this :p
Apiaguaiki Tumpa 66 Unread
21:37:20, 13/08/16 2
you had 2500 calories granted and secured for each one... in the western side of the iron curtain, some people had more (much more) calories per day than that, but several other has nothing to eat...

that is the problem about understanding "ration" systems... is not about how much you are able to eat, is about securing you the ammount of what AT LEAST you are able to eat, according to the situation...
z78sabjan 94 Unread
11:08:35, 11/08/16 0
pronounce it like "dolgozook paartia" more or less :DDD
z78sabjan 94 Unread
11:07:30, 11/08/16 0
I don't have a clue what you're talking about :P
Metralla 93 Unread
10:14:35, 11/08/16 0
Dirty Harry
food calorie or large calorie is the kilocalorie (kcal or Cal), when talking about nutrition we always use that ;)
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Dirty Harry 85 Unread
09:39:46, 11/08/16 1
2500 calories per day? Not too much.
2500 calories=2,5 kcal. By the way, every piece of Tic Tac has 2 kcal (=2000 calories). :)
Maguilao 89 Unread
00:52:00, 11/08/16 1
One of the main cultural legacy of Rio de Janeiro is the Carioca Funk (no relation to James Brown and such). It is a good sport for the buttocks too. Just search for "gostosa funk" on YouTube and click on any video.

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