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Altough it is kinda early, since I haven't tried it indeed, I will express my concerns about "AP" system.

From what I have heard it would be a system that you replenish 1 Action Point, every hour or so.
These actions points will be distributed amongst several activities, such as gym training fight work(job, national infastructure, hospita, university).
The idea behind this is the player who logs in more frequently to be rewarded and to have more clicks to do and more clicks = more gaming = more fun.
I have played many games, even FG, with that or similar systems, I didn't like any of them.
In these games I saw that pleasure comes from social interaction, not micromanagement of the character.
Micromanagement is boring and as we saw even here, people ask for automations so they can avoid routines.

I really like the option we have here to do the daily stuff before and after DC so I can stay away even for 47 hours without feeling that I stay behind. Before start complaining that this is against participation, I remind you that participation and therefore log ins come when I am excited by the game and this excitement comes from social interaction. If I am excited with the social interaction I find in the game I will stay in the game as lond as I can.
Compulsory methods that require me to log in regularly in order not to miss the Action Points is not joyfull, because it is...compulsory.
Our lifes are at daily pace, when I find time during the day I log in and play.

Thinking that this will make people having more fun or playing more, is cheap and failed marketing mindset. Gamers want more meaningfull gameplay.

Besides that, let's say that 100 AP will be distributed amongst 5 activities.
I can have the SAME result If instead of 20/100 work , I work 100/100 once per 5 days.
What I mean is that we can have easily, with the current system 1 or 2 activities per day and we will rotate them. If I have to choose between work train gym, I can work one day, train the 2nd day and go to the gym the 3rd day. It will have the same result as spending 33/100AP in each activity, daily.
So the argument of customizing my day is invalid to me, since I can customize my week instead having the same result.

That's why instead of spending resources in making a system that will propably make the game even worse, please focus on more positive changes.

Booms 90 Unread
16:36:09, 08/09/16 1
I'm actually disappointed with this Metralla
Not even a mile of bla bla bla.
Darkmyre 87 Unread
22:19:26, 30/07/16 0
I'm not going to waste any more time trying to explain things to you if you're this desperate to find things to bitch about.
z78sabjan 94 Unread
21:36:16, 28/07/16 0
I don't even try to understand your presumptions, instead here's a short version what it means in practice:

- instead of 1 daily change where everything gets updated together, now everything's gonna update in it's own pace

if you login at 3pm and you sit into the hospital, then with DC you're only gonna work 11hrs, losing 14! Now when you sit in to work as a doctor, you will sit there from the moment you started your shift, till the shift lasts. Nice, isn't it?

if you logged in one day to participate in a battle, and you could only login at day 1, then you lost a lot of potential right? Now if you can login at first day more times, then thanks to the regeneration of APs, you'll be able to do more damage.

point is, the AP system is much more user friendly, it's absolutely flexible, you will be able to do more, do it in a better way, and it's much simpler too.

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