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As of today, Military Alliance and Defence Pact treaties should finally be fully operational. These treaties each represent a commitment between two nations, to join them in battle (Military Alliance) or defend their territory from invasion (Defence Pact). As such, whenever a nation declares war on another, these treaties will trigger counter-attacks from each nations respective allies, as follows:

Defence Pact

First, the defending nations alliances are checked. Any nation that holds a Defence Pact with the defender, and does not have any alliance with the attacker, will automatically declare war on the attacker. This war does not attract a daily upkeep, and will allow the defenders allies to conduct counter attacks to help their ally.

Military Alliance

Finally, the attackers alliances are checked. Any nation holding a Military Alliance with the attacker, that does not hold an alliance with the defender, will automatically declare war on the defender. This war attracts a daily upkeep equal to half of the upkeep paid by the attacker, and allows the ally to assist in defeating the defending nation.


At this time, wars triggered by these alliances do not trigger further alliances. If the community expresses a strong desire for this to be changed, it will be further investigated, though there are currently some technical limitations that prevent this.

It should also be noted that due to the current state of the game, the code for these features is untested. Should you observe any errors or behaviour contrary to the above, please raise an urgent helpdesk ticket (and if possible, mention the issue in the Slack channel).

These changes do not affect any previously existing wars. Nations currently at war would need to establish peace and then declare war again to trigger alliances. If any nation currently at war believes this is unfair, they are welcome to discuss the decision via a helpdesk ticket.

Azrael 75 Unread
08:28:06, 29/04/16 0
In the end, however, the mountain gave birth to a mouse.
Metralla 93 Unread
23:29:29, 28/04/16 0
I have the impression that you considered only the scenario of 1vs1.
In a world with complex alliances I think we might have some funny situations that being enemy with the ally of my ally.
The main advantages I see here are the reduced war costs. So as I see it, why someone to make these pacts? Just to have cheaper wars.
BUT these treaties cost(?), so why to pay upkeep for these treaties? Just to have no costs or reduced costs in case of a war?
Then why not forming the treaties only when a war is declared?

In FG alliance allowed you to fight without moving I do not really liked it, but it was a motive.

With the current vn status I do not see any reason of having such pacts unless they are for free.


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