US-Hungary Training War 8 1

The US and Hungary are about to engage in military training exercises on the remote desolate islands of New Zealand. As these are training operations, we ask that allies fight for the defender in each battle to avoid disruption of each host nation's sovereign territory.

During these training battles several bug fixes and improvements to the war module will be rolled out and tested. Users who are concerned about this should avoid spending things like tanks/jets in these testing/training battles.

Odonacer 83 Unread
13:40:06, 20/01/16 0
Please raise a training uprising. In a region where such buildings would be: Bunker, SAM Site, Tank Trap.
In previous uprisings these protective objects operated against fighters who fought for the rebels.
This is for testing.

Сделайте пожалуйста тренировочное восстание. В регионе, где были бы такие строения: Bunker, SAM Site, Tank Trap.
В предыдущих восстаниях эти защитные объекты действовали против бойцов, которые сражались за повстанцев.
Это для проверки.
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Darkmyre 87 Unread
02:35:26, 20/01/16 0
darki yep I think there are some javascript bugs messing things up at the moment

darki 89 Unread
21:19:49, 19/01/16 1
''Darkmyre has published a new article: US-Hungary Training War.''

about this alert pop-up message It showed only when I tried to open a page with job offers, same with others pop-up message as regarding daily rewards, some of my friends reach rank or some achievement and so on...
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askc 87 Unread
09:09:24, 19/01/16 0
Metralla 93 Unread
08:40:16, 19/01/16 0
Increase damage for Tanks Jets and Missiles!

Have fun with guns!

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