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A thousand days ago, we set out on a journey to find the best, most engaging, interesting and fun social strategy game possible. Unfortunately, even a thousand days later, we still have not quite reached that goal, yet that does not mean we are defeated - merely that there is further to travel. For the past six months I’ve struggled to find the best direction to head, and many have voiced different opinions. Much time and quite a few friends have been lost due to my indecision, but now finally I know the path vNations will take.

A thousand days is a long time, and a lot has happened to shape the current vWorld, both in terms of game events and bugs/exploits. For these reasons many have cried for a reset, a clean slate, but this would then invalidate the efforts those currently at the top have taken to get there. However, the only way forward is with a clean slate, and so in January we will be commencing work on Virtual Worlds, a new game taking the concept and features of vNations to new heights. That’s not to say that the current world will be abandoned though, as the road ahead is still quite a journey.

The first step, is addressing the first flaw that hindered Virtual Nations - me. During the initial development, launch and beta lifespan of vNations I was inexperienced and unprepared, which cost us dearly with lengthy delays, lack of commitment to deadlines, and poor decision making. Over the next four weeks I will be undertaking a Project Management course to gain the knowledge to ensure the next stage of the journey is done right from the beginning, and over the Christmas/New Year break putting together a formal roadmap and support plan for the new game’s development.

In the meantime, updates will continue to be made to vNations, and hopefully as I progress through my course these should get more organized and efficient. All development time will be focused on fixing bugs and completing currently semi-implemented features, with no new features to be introduced. Specifically, development will be focused on achieving the following goals:

Development of the Naval Module
Development of the Espionage Module
Development of the Nuclear industry
Overhaul of the User Interface
Development of the Justice Module
Improvement of the Diplomacy Module
Improvement of the Political Module

(Disclaimer: It’s late and I’m tired, so I may’ve forgotten some of the things that’re underway. This doesn’t mean I’m not planning on completing them, you just might need to remind me).

The game, with these features completed, will form the basic core upon which the new game will be developed. Virtual Worlds will feature some key differences though, including a procedurally-generated grid-based map system to replace the current concept of regions, and a more dynamic and fluid concept of politics/organizations/nations.

As always, I welcome feedback, input and suggestions, and next week will be establishing a dedicated place to discuss planned and potential features and improvements. These discussions will be taken into consideration when forming the roadmap and project plans, however at that time development will be locked into those confirmed features until the project is ready for launch.

As this will be a separate project to vNations, its development does not mean that vNations will be closing, or that the world will be reset - in fact, it will continue on for as long as there are players. Any incomplete modules as of December 24th will be factored into the Virtual Worlds roadmap, so these features will all be completed and the game will recieve any ongoing maintenance required. Players will be welcome to have an account for both games, and holders of premium accounts will receive premium account benefits on both games. Once all vNations features are complete, an advertising budget will be determined for both games, so there will be no administrative reasons for vNations to close.

To each and every one of you that has been with me for some or all of the journey so far, thank you. Your ongoing support is greatly appreciated, even (in some cases, especially) those who’s ideas have clashed with mine. Whether you choose to join me on this next stage, to remain only with vNations, or even to move on, thank you for your support and contributions thus far.

darki 89 Unread
05:36:04, 14/04/16 1
''The First Thousand''

I expect the ''The Second Thousand'' if I'm still v-alive of course(for the moment) :D Of course you should at least be seen online from time to time otherwise even hope will die for all the things you've written :D
emeaux2 44 Unread
16:15:24, 05/01/16 0

Booms 90 Unread
18:21:43, 01/12/15 0
agree with darki
Metralla 93 Unread
11:47:02, 01/12/15 0
darki How do you mean it? That you will be released.
darki 89 Unread
06:39:11, 01/12/15 1
whatever, good news I will finally be free from eternal damnation :D
btw II'm not sure that you will have enough free time for two games, now you hardly find free time for one :)
Metralla 93 Unread
01:05:43, 28/11/15 1
Interesting developments!

If they do not mention anything positive about abusing smoking and drinking in this seminar, it is a fraud big time!!!

It is not a good move to have 2 similar games with minor differences up and running, I hope you will tell them exactly what you do and what you intent to do and will advise you how to do it. The only reason I see that you do it, is because you feel responsible to keep your word or something like that.
Maybe you need to listern from every single player that we do not mind If you close vn and we all move to vw(volkswagen?).
vn and vw are competitive so they can't be both prosperous as I see it. Ofc everyone can try to prove me wrong etc.

Each person has his own approach method, I see all features of the game, as systems, as models, I could say as mathematical models, but they are much more like logical models. I try to stick on the grey coloured mechanics and not to get excited by the name they might have.
PTOs are the most classical example of playing by the mechanics, trying to find legal "glitches" and maximize efficiency.
We should always have this in mind when we design a system.
Xan knowz about RPGz, in some RPGz sorcerers are OP, because they "fly n fireball" and when it comes to PvP , in party disputes, the sorcerer can kill all the guys who disagree. Over there the DM can manually fix things, here we want something that works in auto pilot always.

Anyway summarizing:
Ask all the players If they agree with a reset, they are not that many after all. I have PMed manually many many many more in many occasions!
If they all agree go for it when you think we are ready.
People who have bought something, it will be transfered to their new accounts.
And reset for just 2.5 reasons!
1 - The most important imo, a tiled based world, IF we find a way to make it work well, it will be a huge breakthrough! Despite the lack of success vN made some good improvement of fg clones. Many players reckon that they game is much more advanced that the others.
2 - A fresh start will stir things up, although without new blood we will probably keep our old alies.

0.5 - We do not have caps, If we had caps that can be reached in like 3 years with normal playing and 2 or less with premium account, then we wouldn't have oldfags. We would just have max stat players.
Booms 90 Unread
20:31:02, 27/11/15 1
It's a joke, right?
Duststorm 46 Unread
17:57:45, 27/11/15 0
I don't know if you mean something like this but I could see the success of it.
In Vworlds does let someone create their own world in which to play this game on?
If so... I can see this vworlds becoming really popular because it would support does of RPs of different themes. Tons of websites exist for such RP but done that support maps and organized political systems and such.

Azrael 75 Unread
17:50:17, 27/11/15 0
James A. Conrad 87 Unread
16:13:05, 27/11/15 3
I was born 11/05/10 in the USA. That's 1849 days ago, or 5 years and 23 days. I've seen a lot of good things, I've seen a lot of stupid things, but most incredible is how a core community of players has stuck around. We've all stuck around for various reasons, but I think the most common reason is we've stuck around for each other. I look forward to helping Darkmyre continue down this path and supporting him in any way he needs. I'm sure you all feel the same way. I love you all (except you, Duststorm, You can eat shit).

Rock on, vNations.

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