CIA Global Bulletin : The Benelux Threat 7 1

CIA Global Bulletin Issue 1 - The Benelux Threat

This new publication, bought to you by the USA's very own Intelligence Agency, will attempt to highlight trouble-spots, conflicts and issues of global concern, in order to educate and advise the people and leaders of the free world.

Today, we come to you with grave news. CIA operatives on a deep cover assignment monitoring the suspected terrorist Duststorm. Red flags were triggered when the suspected terrorist executed a political coup of the peaceful developing nation Benelux, likely through coercion or vote fixing.

Additional assets were deployed to the region including unmanned surveillance drones which began monitoring the area for any sign of danger. Less than 48 hours after his so-called “election”, Duststorm’s evil plan began to be revealed to us.

Infiltrating Dusttorm’s palace, a sinister basement was discovered where scientists were developing a new deadly nerve gas. Plans were intercepted to launch this nerve gas at several random European regions, just as news hit the wire that Duststorm had renamed the country to “Free America” – clearly, a plot to not only take the lives of countless poor Europeans, but to place the blame for such an atrocity on the peace-loving god-fearing men and women of the true America.

The CIA strongly urges our European friends to make a pre-emptive strike on this madman and free Benelux from his grip.

Spy camera photo showing two of Duststorms scientists moments after they load the last barrel of the deadly nerve gas into this storage facility in downtown Brussells.

James A. Conrad 87 Unread
20:53:45, 12/07/15 2
We're about the free the shit out of you, Benelux.
Booms 90 Unread
17:51:58, 10/07/15 1
2.) apply democracy procedure (smart bombs)
James A. Conrad 87 Unread
14:42:21, 10/07/15 0
The vUS strongly condemns the use of WMD's and biological warfare and hopes the international community will join us in our goal of world peace. It is unfortunate that Benelux does not want to be apart of this global peace process and as such we must takes strong measure to force Benelux to the table. We have the brightest minds in the Empire working on strategies and at this time I shall present the best course of action according to our academics and strategists;

1.) Total Destruction
z78sabjan 94 Unread
11:45:52, 10/07/15 3
At this point I can't confirm the accusations, waiting for further proof!
Darkmyre 87 Unread
05:25:18, 10/07/15 2
darki Intelligence suggests these drug laboratories are just a front for his biological weapons manufacturing. Any actual drugs that may have been produced at these facilities have long been consumed by this madman
(Last Edited 05:25:49, 10/07/15)
darki 89 Unread
05:04:29, 10/07/15 2
Darkmyre You forgot to add drug vLaboratories of Duststorm, It will be soon one of the most known drug vBarons :D

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