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In the upcoming week, changes will be made to user registration to try and help new users engage with the community faster, and help developing nations to grow. Instead of automatically starting in Adminia, new users will be given a choice of several actively developing nations to start in. To be considered "actively developing", a nation must meet the following criteria:

- Active Leadership: A nation must have a Leader, who must have been active within the preceeding 24 hours.

- Job Market: A nation must have at least 2 job offers available.

- Basic Goods: A nation must have T1 Food, T1 Beverages and Grain on the marketplace. Goods can be locally produced or imported.

These criteria are checked when each new user signs up, so ensuring your nation always meets them will give the maximum chance for new citizens. When a user signs up, they will be able to choose from the 5 nations meeting criteria that have the lowest population. This choice will include display of each nations official language, to help new users find a suitable language group.

New users from referrral links will contnue to start automatically in the nation of the citizen referring them, and all new users will continue to receive 2 free transport tickets allowing them to move internationally once if they wish to start their life in a different nation. These changes will be implemented sometime this week and announced in the revelent Nightly News article.

Apiaguaiki Tumpa 66 Unread
01:03:14, 20/01/16 1
@Azrael , no, vBolivia is occupied by a bunch of jokers.
Azrael 75 Unread
14:38:28, 19/01/16 2
Apiaguaiki Tumpa vBolivia's official language is Hungarian. :)))
Darkmyre 87 Unread
00:13:20, 19/01/16 0
For whatever reason it seems this planned upgrade slipped through the cracks! I'm currently working on rolling this out, and retiring the failure that was Adminia.
Duststorm 46 Unread
19:43:02, 27/05/15 2
Is it possible to have more than one official languages? I would suggest at least three because some nations commonly speak several different languages and that might help someone find a community they would otherwise not know also speaks their language.
Lord Matias 50 Unread
21:38:51, 25/05/15 5
Ernest idea isn't that bad, but what if instead of setting preferences governments could make a small presentation? Something very simple that describes them, and that would also be shown in "My Nation".
The idea would be to give anyone who reads it an idea of that nation's idiosyncrasy.
Apiaguaiki Tumpa 66 Unread
18:46:50, 25/05/15 2
so, new people will have the OPTION to start in a certain nation and/or start in a random one?

that is a good thing (the criterias)...

You may let our natios stablish what languages we allow... vBolivia has spanish as RL langage, but we accept without problem english speakers and Portuguese too. Can we mark those preferences somwhere?
Darkmyre 87 Unread
18:02:09, 24/05/15 3
Thiago Santiago Nations have the option to declare an official language, under the Alter Government policy. This is what is shown to new users.
Thiago Santiago 84 Unread
17:50:21, 24/05/15 0
"This choice will include display of each nations official language, to help new users find a suitable language group."
Does this refer to RL official language or language used in chats? Usually they are the same, but not always.
darki 89 Unread
13:29:58, 24/05/15 2
''....Remember though that it'll be favouring low populated nations, so developed nations shouldn't be affected for some time...''

Darkmyre It is good to know it because I started remove offers from the job market and some goods, or is easy for me not be active more than 24 hours to avoid possible PTO :D
(Last Edited 13:48:56, 24/05/15)
Darkmyre 87 Unread
09:43:30, 24/05/15 1
darki the chosen host country. Remember though that it'll be favouring low populated nations, so developed nations shouldn't be affected for some time.

Kirsch Yes, the server will check the conditions as players register, and offer a choice of nation based on who currently meets the criteria. Jobs without salary will only be considered if the nation has a reasonable minimum wage (since the minimum wage would override the $0 salary). Higher tiers of bread are fine, the important thing is that new citizens can maintain health and happiness.
darki 89 Unread
08:19:57, 24/05/15 0
they will have citizenship depending on country/Ip from which they are registered or the chosen host country ?
Kirsch 22 Unread
08:01:40, 24/05/15 2
Nice initiative.

So the server will check automaticly the conditions right?

Several nations have T2 or T3 food on the market but no T1. Do they meet the criterias?

Are job offer with a null salary counted in the 2? These job offers won't help a player to stay.
(Last Edited 08:03:19, 24/05/15)

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