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In addition to ongoing bugfixing and minor improvements, the following major upgrades will be released over the month of March. Although these features may undergo some rebalancing while being implemented, for the most part they should be expected to operate as described below.

Action Points

Action points will change the way players perform their daily tasks, allowing for customization and adaptation instead of repetitive daily grinding. Citizens will start with a maximum AP bar of 5, and will use their AP to perform the daily tasks they want to perform. AP will replenish at the rate of 1 per hour until it reaches the maximum. There will be a number of ways to temporarily or permanently increase the size of your AP bar.

Justice Module

Unlocked via research, this module will allow nations to manage their citizens in new ways. Nations will be able to construct Prisons to hold their prisoners, and appoint a Minister of Justice. The MoJ will be able to nominate citizens as Judges (approved by congress). The MoJ and Judges may propose a range of laws that affect citizens within the nation (approved by congress). Those breaking the law may be tried by Judges, and potentially sent to Prison for a number of days. While in prison, a citizen has limited options and a maximum AP bar of 1.

Naval Module

Citizens will be able to spend their AP working in harbours, producing naval vessels for their nation. Once a vessel has been constructed, it can be assigned to a fleet (under the control of a Fleet Admiral), or set sail as an independant vessel (under the control of a captain). Fleet Admirals are chosen by the MoD, Captains can be chosen by the MoD and Harbourmaster. Captains and Fleet Admirals will be able to issue up to four consecutive orders to their vessel/fleet. Every 6 hours, all ships will carry out their earliest order, and the results of the action will be sent via an alert to the Captain/Admiral. Basic harbours will allow construction of two types of vessel, with additional vessels unlocked via research. When launching an invasion, the size of the fleet being used will determine the maximum number of troops that can deploy to the battle.

z78sabjan 94 Unread
15:25:22, 09/04/15 1
Darkmyre so that's why you make us wait for so long :P
Darkmyre 87 Unread
14:00:36, 09/04/15 2
It feels just like old times, Metralla and Mass going at it over an update that isnt even out yet lol
Metralla 93 Unread
13:24:29, 09/04/15 0
So probably I understood it well and I will keep fighting against the various uncomfortable natures of lifes.
z78sabjan 94 Unread
13:17:17, 09/04/15 0
You said it right: IT IS NOT about logging in every six hours to be the best!!!

of course it would give you an advantage, but this is not about that! The sole purpose of the thing is to change from the 24hr grinding to a 1hr grinding making the game more dynamic instead of relying on a 24 hours cooldown.

if your problem is that no-lifers could get an advantage with it then I'd say get on with it, because that's the nature of life.

If you're more devoted to something than the others then you'll get ahead. Plain and simple. But that doesn't mean that it would give a so huge advantage that the average people will get behind even more! In fact the opposite!

Let's take an example with a two-clicker. He logs in once or twice every day, he does his daily tasks, then maybe if there is some battle worthwhile then he do some damage, then leaves the game.

The problem with the daily refresh here is that for some reason this guy gets another five minutes later in the afternoon and logs in, even if there are battles where he'd be needed he won't be able to fight.
He won't be able to get into the hospital, won't be able to do anything practically until day-change, so he leaves. Oh no wait, there was no point to log in the second time at all...

Now take the same example with an "hourly refresh". Guy logs in first time, do his daily things then leave. Then later when he logs in perhaps he'll be able to heal in hospital, or fight, or whatever (this depends on the cooldowns of different things)

Point is, the purpose is to change the dynamics, and while that will definitely mean some changes in the advancement of the players too, don't forget that it can be adjusted in any way later.
Metralla 93 Unread
12:01:35, 09/04/15 0
z78sabjan I know well what other do, not everyone but many, Greeks and foreigners. We express our concerns and we say that we do not want in order to do the optimum to be in position to log in every 6 hours, or every cooldown, we want a daily pace. If your suggestion is not about logging every 6 hours or every cooldown to get the best, then we do not understand indeed.
I am always in favor of trying new things, but I have no hesitation to say ok throw away all the coding job because it is not ok, something that Xav is not ready to do it. When he invests time on coding, he wants the code to stay.

We want daily pace, to be possible do all daily tasks 1 min before DC and 1 min after DC and be carefree for 48 hours and don't fall back in stats! If your suggestion does not threaten this "rule" then I didn't really understood all the aspects of it.
z78sabjan 94 Unread
05:52:47, 09/04/15 1
that's bullshit. some of the people perhaps playing like that, but go ahead if you don't believe me, ask around here in vnations! what do you think the oldfags like us do in this game?

you and me are always commenting and shit like that. most of the people don't, but that doesn't mean they just coming up to click their daily icons.

WTF????? come on man use your head, WHY CAN'T I MAKE YOU GUYS UNDERSTAND what's this shit is all about???

I don't know if I should cry or laugh, either I explain very poorly or you just don't want to get me.


- you have daily tasks icons to click every day once and do your stuff

-you will have actions to spend throughout the day

THATS IT . what is so hard to understand in this?

James A. Conrad 87 Unread
20:26:03, 08/04/15 0
Didn't all Greeks have to turn in their phones after Austerity, Metralla? That would explain why you can't set reminders!

Too soon?
Metralla 93 Unread
19:48:47, 08/04/15 1
z78sabjan In most games that I played with cooldowns, players just had reminders in their phones and waited, they didn't have any "work" to do in the game apart of click therapy.

Playing =/= clicking on cooldowns

I play this game a lot, I do not feel like that I want an extra click as a reward. Actually this "reward" would be offending for me, because me that I play and spend time in the game organising the community or socializing, but spending much time in the game, I receive an award that also receives the guy that just clicks on cooldowns. And probably he might get more than me, If he can be online anytime. There are days that I can be online few minutes but when I can be online, I stay online a log doing many things, not click wait click wait. On average I play more because I manage 30 companies and help in state's management, but this to occur I am not obligated to log in every 6 (or so) hours, I can do it If I "work" 5 hours in the weekend. The guy who clicks waits(reminder)...etc plays less than me (on average) and he is less useful, so that reward is surely not designed for people like me(people that offer) but for people that are 24/7 online, either on PC or cellphone and can click every 6(or so) hours.
On the contrary people that do real tasks in the game, are already rewarded, by being better bussinessmen or better generals(military victories) and popularity in their society, tasks that require talent and effort not rendezvous with the clicks.
z78sabjan 94 Unread
19:07:24, 08/04/15 3
you think if someone is eager enough to come here more often or even wait for his AP to fill up is just sitting here and doing nothing?

Metralla 93 Unread
18:58:28, 08/04/15 0
z78sabjan playing more the game is not waiting to log in and clicka few times more. Playing more is socializing and planing strategy, someone that waits the cooldown to do a few more clicks does not give anything in socializing or strategy planing.
z78sabjan 94 Unread
17:43:10, 08/04/15 1
Of course you do Hrvat54, every two-clicker would :)
But seriously, who should the game favor?
The one who spends more or less time with it?
You see, rewarding enthusiasm in-game is always good, because it can motivate everyone to do better, which is ultimately good for all of us.
(Last Edited 17:43:52, 08/04/15)
James A. Conrad 87 Unread
16:02:29, 08/04/15 1
It's April.
Hrvat54 23 Unread
12:50:08, 18/03/15 1
I personally strongly disagree with rules that favour no lifers that are able to log in every hour or every 5 hours to spend their AP.
Darkmyre 87 Unread
03:16:44, 02/03/15 2
Thiago Santiago You should be able to do everything that you can now. However, if you were to login at the beginning of day 2, you'd be able to do more.
Thiago Santiago 84 Unread
03:05:13, 02/03/15 1
A concern that I have is, if I login at the beginning of day 1 and, after that, only at the end of day 2, will I be able to do everything as I can now?
Or would I need to login at the beginning of day 2 to make full use of my APs?
(Last Edited 03:06:05, 02/03/15)
Metralla 93 Unread
13:49:07, 01/03/15 1
Xav said in chat
"I kinda was planning on AP being used for everything
but there wont be an individual timer like Metralla described
every hour, on the hour, everyones AP will go up 1, except those who are at max AP"
From these I see that Odonacer understood well how it will be.
I personally strongly disagree with rules that favour no lifers that are able to log in every hour or every 5 hours to spend their AP.
AP maybe are not bad when they are treated as actions per day, so you can choose to work more for example or to do more gym or more fighting.
Odonacer 83 Unread
13:10:39, 01/03/15 2
Darkmyre What is the maximum value of the use of points of Action for a day?
This is five times of the use of Action Points for a day?
Or can be used a maximum 24 Action Points on the day?
Or 5 action points + 23 points of action (23 hours) on the day?

At the beginning of the day can be used at once 5 Action Points or 1 Action Points?

I understand that you are busy.
Therefore you do not have time for consideration of my tickets here https://vnations.freshdesk.com/support/home ?

Какова максимальная величина использования очок действий на сутки?
Это пять раз использования очок действия в сутки?
Или максимально можно использовать 24 очков действия на сутки?
Или 5 очков действия + 23 очков действия (23 часа) на сутки?

В начале дня можно будет использовать сразу 5 очок действия или 1?

Я так понимаю, что вы сейчас заняты.
Поэтому у вас нету времени на рассмотрение моих тикетов здесь https://vnations.freshdesk.com/support/home ?
Darkmyre 87 Unread
00:43:58, 01/03/15 3
Since its such a big change, I'll get the preview server back online this week and implement the changes there so they can be tested and constructive feedback given before they affect vEarth.
Azrael 75 Unread
22:14:16, 28/02/15 0
"In short that's how it goes since I play this game"

Well, maybe it's time for a change then... :D
z78sabjan 94 Unread
18:54:58, 28/02/15 0
that's simply not the case Azrael If you think that then you just misunderstand how it's supposed to work.

When you say that then you don't even realize that that's exactly where this system is much fairer than any other before:

on the contrary what you say, with APs new players will have a bit more chance to catch up with oldfags like you and me. which is not so different than what we aimed for since forever.

But let me clarify the most important part guys, with all of you who have doubts about the APs:

- it's in a so early development phase (actually it exists in theory only) that simply nothing is certain about it!!! (not even the concept itself is sure if it will be implemented)

- we haven't figured out any details yet: what actions in the game will cost APs, how and what will be their limits, etc

blah blah blah blah

the point is your concerns are all valid but make no mistake they are all just concerns so don't treat them as actual facts what it will cause or what not, since we don't even know what we're talking about :))

I hope I made myself clear, I had a similar conversation with metra not long ago and in the end we agreed that we argue on nothing :))

As I said to metra if lets say it will be implemented and turns out badly then i promise i will be the first one to cry about it, but at least wait with refusal till you'll know exactly what we talk about.

And one more thing to the haters!!!!!


that's just a leg-pulling but seriously Azrael we all know that the game needs many changes, probably major ones in some modules and although everyone agrees that we.need a nice new GUI too, but no one knows how. In short that's how it goes since I play this game, so if you don't wanna stuck right here where we are now then we simply need to try out new ideas and ways.

from my viewpoint I'm happy when xav mades up his mind to make a change like that because it's a f.cking mind-killing task to recode again and again and again and again.......................................................

ok now I think my comment became so long then now I don't have to worry about it to make it short anymore. this gives me some space to express my personal feelings.

"Though labelled a list, the IUCN Red List is a system of assessing the global conservation status of species that includes "Data Deficient" (DD) species – species for which more data and assessment is required before their status may be determined – as well species comprehensively assessed by the IUCN's species assessment process. Those species of "Near Threatened" (NT) and "Least Concern" (LC) status have been assessed and found to have relatively robust and healthy populations, though these may be in decline. Unlike their more general use elsewhere, the List uses the terms "endangered species" and "threatened species" with particular meanings: "Endangered" (EN) species lie between "Vulnerable" (VU) and "Critically Endangered" (CR) species, while "Threatened" species are those species determined to be Vulnerable, Endangered or Critically Endangered."

i bet that no more than a few percent of all who reads what I write will actually get through it properly, but just in case I copied this info from a random wiki page.

I realized that spamming is much more fun than I thought, it's freedom!!!!!

(Last Edited 18:59:10, 28/02/15)
Azrael 75 Unread
17:27:30, 28/02/15 2
z78sabjan "Theoretically a two-clicker shouldn't even notice the change"

They will, trust me, and not only theoretically. This game - until now - gave equal chances for everyone who could log in on a daily basis to grow and prosper ingame. From now on some players will find themselves left behind, if the can't login every 5 hours to spend their Ap-s.
z78sabjan 94 Unread
10:59:05, 28/02/15 0

Azrael 75 Unread
09:47:09, 28/02/15 3
Turning a TBS to RTS and adding more stuff to a game which has more regions than citizens... Nice priorities, lol. :)

(Last Edited 10:08:33, 28/02/15)
Darkmyre 87 Unread
08:21:54, 28/02/15 0
z78sabjan daychange will remain the same
darki 89 Unread
07:28:49, 28/02/15 3
''.. hahaha, darki that's probably because you don't understand how it will work :P..''

z78sabjan you are right, I prefer something simple as chess or quantum physics :D
z78sabjan 94 Unread
06:41:07, 28/02/15 1
hahaha, darki that's probably because you don't understand how it will work :P

APs: there is not much to learn, it's pretty simple. If you have an AP you will be able to do things, if you don't you won't

Justice: a two-cliker will probably never experience it so there's nothing new to learn

Naval: leadership will utilize the feature, the average player won't notice a thing since it will only affect the mechanics of the battles
(Last Edited 06:52:41, 28/02/15)
darki 89 Unread
05:08:32, 28/02/15 2
why I feel that all this is: we will make the game more complex and complicated
new players will need years to understand it, and who will have the nerves to write all this in wiki?
z78sabjan 94 Unread
04:18:38, 28/02/15 0
Darkmyre a question: we can still put cool-down on actions like work, but now it won't be bound to a central server time, instead DC will basically adapt to your game style right?

For example with a 24-hour cool-down for Work, if I login in the morning then next day in the morning I'll be able to work again. Or you don't want any limits on actions at all but the APs?
(Last Edited 04:31:04, 28/02/15)
Darkmyre 87 Unread
03:57:03, 28/02/15 1
There's another difference - you'd actually be able to choose how you spent your daily tasks, so you could adapt to your situation. Maybe Croatia is about to conquer your last region, no time to work you need to spend all your AP on the battlefield! Or maybe your nation is having a baby boom, and supermarkets are running out of bread - skip going to the gym and work overtime to produce more.

(Yes, company owners will be able to limit the number of shifts per day any staff member may perform)
z78sabjan 94 Unread
03:48:59, 28/02/15 2
Metralla the conception is that you will be able to just do that exactly! when you login and your AP-bar full you will be able to perform the daily tasks you used to. Theoretically a two-clicker shouldn't even notice the change -besides of the obvious GUI changes-, no one will be forced to stay and wait.

On the other hand, active players and the ones who wanna benefit of their activity will be able to do many more things, without the need to wait for DC

Plus the Day-Change method of refreshing skills and actions is nothing more than saying: "every day at a given time you will have your daily actions back".

Now we say: "every hour you get back a few of your actions".

On the technical side this should put less stress on the server, since it won't have to process the all the update at once, the players themselves will trigger them.
(Last Edited 04:36:39, 28/02/15)
Metralla 93 Unread
21:47:35, 27/02/15 2
AP reminds me the hours that some games have. If in this game we have now, we obligate people to stay and wait the AP bar cooldown, people will stop playing. I am always in favor of having the ability to do everything anytime during the day, now the pace might change. It is not that bad like "hours" but I am kinda, skeptic, but in favour of trying it! This is not the main dish ofc.
We should know more about tech trees and harbour masters. Too much bureaucracy imo, we can have MoD>>>Fleet Admiral>>>Captains. This chain of command seems enough. Anyway, once again reality will teach us.
Justice module needs to be simple, it can't be RL copy since people here can always say screw you guys I am going to play something else, there is much offer after all. It is something we have to be careful, If we want a nice justice module, first we need profitfull criminality.

Always in favor of trying new things and evaluating them indeed.
Booms 90 Unread
20:43:58, 27/02/15 4
IMO Justice module could be abused for personal interests and may lead that individuals leave the game due to restrictions they may have.
z78sabjan 94 Unread
19:50:44, 27/02/15 2

Only 1 thing about the Prisons, instead of utilizing them as kind of a punishment, use them as restrictions. I mean if you'll only be able to use 1 AP bar that seriously limits how much you would have to / want to interact with the game.

To avoid that provide different options when you're in prison but with the same amount of actions. For example:

- when you're in prison your AP bar changes, and you won't be able to access stuff like work or uni, but you'll be able to access ways to attack the decision was made on you, or learn in the Prison's library for limited skills, work in the prison for not money but to make your stay shorter in the Prison -->

- Prison's will be able to produce stuff, they could be upgraded with blocks, these sections could be used for practical things
- Library, to compensate University actions
- Work-yard, to compensate Work actions
- Court, to compensate Gym actions

point is to make life in prison just as much exciting as it is in the game generally
(Last Edited 19:56:25, 27/02/15)
James A. Conrad 87 Unread
19:25:12, 27/02/15 4
This article gave me the weirdest boner.

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