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Ever since the old time-wasting PVP war module was laid to rest, the biggest complaint about the War Module has been the high VBX cost of using tanks and jets. Although we've improved their cost over the years, there was still something lacking. Updates this weekend will change the war module like never before.

This weekend we'll be rolling out the new Military industry, allowing nations to finally build war machines at their own pace. This will also for the first time allow private militias to operate, producing their own military hardware to support their private wars. This new 5-tiered industry will also introduce several new elements to the war module:

T1 - APC: The armored personel carrier will protect infantry in battle, absorbing an amount of wounds before the soldier using them takes any damage. The APC will require fuel, and will be automatically used when in the active inventory.

T2 - UAVt: The unmanned aerial vehicle can be deployed during a battle to provide additional air support. Each UAV can be used 10 times to provide a set amount of air damage to a battle, without consuming attacks.

T3 - Tank: The traditional tank, as purchased with VBX from the military base.

T4 - Jet: The traditional jet, as purchased with VBX from the military base.

T5 - Cruise Missile: This expensive missile can be used once to deal signifcant damage and additional wounds to enemy ground forces.

This new industry will be available sometime over the weekend, and is expected to be fully functional by Day 716. Individuals will continue to be able to purchase tanks and jets with VBX should their nation not be producing any military vehicles. The exact RM costs and ability points of each new vehicle are still being determined. The new vehicles will not be purchasable with VBX at this time.

z78sabjan 94 Unread
10:31:55, 24/03/15 0
That's a very good idea, there is simply no reason to use the new military industry with current costs. My proposal is slightly different, but the same principal:

From Military Bases anyone could order standard mechanized weaponry, for a fix cost in VBX. These weaponry have standard hits, and standard stats.

From the new Military Industry you could buy advanced mechanized weaponry, which have bonus hits, and/or bonus stats (for example more damage).

Obviously the cost must be reasonable too, in other words if an Advanced Jet makes 20% more damage than a Standard one, then it should cost 20% more not ten times :)

ps. since you can buy Jets and Tanks at the MB I suggest too that we make it possible to buy the rest too
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Metralla 93 Unread
09:15:12, 24/03/15 1
@Beneduzzi-88: I found a bug with taggin!

I propose costs to go down to 1/3rd... T1-30, T2-51, T3-80, T4-99, T5-300
+ doubling duration of them to 20 hits like the rest weapons.
(Last Edited 09:16:12, 24/03/15)
Metralla 93 Unread
18:27:55, 19/02/15 3
Give details of RM needed, how they are played etc.
Blaze2 76 Unread
18:26:26, 19/02/15 0
Nice one! Keep it going!
Darkmyre 87 Unread
16:07:00, 19/02/15 2
It should now be possible to make a military company. The new units will be usable in game ASAP.
Darkmyre 87 Unread
15:26:29, 18/02/15 1
These new features will be rolling out a few hours after daychange (probably around 0200-0400 D719)
z78sabjan 94 Unread
11:37:39, 17/02/15 2

Darkmyre 87 Unread
07:29:38, 17/02/15 1
Delayed slightly due to some unforeseen RL commitments, will get it finished and released ASAP
Blaze2 76 Unread
13:53:44, 16/02/15 0
Gief new industry!
Booms 90 Unread
10:15:14, 14/02/15 1
Signed JAC

z78sabjan 94 Unread
19:57:39, 13/02/15 0
Sounds wicked, let's see how it goes!
James A. Conrad 87 Unread
14:57:19, 13/02/15 1

Oh, and Metralla sucks.
joao97 68 Unread
14:48:25, 13/02/15 1
Sounds really good.

Keep working!
gorron99 90 Unread
10:51:19, 13/02/15 0
Sound good, Great!!
Metralla 93 Unread
07:10:51, 13/02/15 2
Finally a (sort of) breakthrough!
We expect to see details about factories etc.
I hope orgs will play a role.

You know that I have my disagreements right?
5Tiers for guns are way too many I think, nobody uses pistols and SMGs, is it because we are ultra oldfags or because when it is TW you shoot without weapon and when it is real war you shoot with the best you have?

Anyway, I wait (as always) to see the improvements live.

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