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As some of you know, I also play a location-based mobile game called Ingress. I've been trying for over a year now to reach the maximum level in the game before a number of local troublemakers and undesirables who've repeatedly gone out of their way to make my time in the game as difficult as possible. Recently, the game developers have added a new reward for recruiting players that makes this achievable. Unfortunately, over the past year I've already recruited everyone I know locally that would be interested in such a game, so I'm hoping some of you might like to help me out. All you'll need to do is register for the game with my referral, and play till you reach level 3 (in most cities, this shouldn't take more than about an hour). Whether you continue playing the game after that point is entirely up to you. The game is available for both android and iOS, and involves going to places in the real world and interacting with virtual 'portals' within the game based at those locations. Portals are generally located at works of art, statues, monuments, places of worship, government buildings, transport hubs (train stations etc) and other places of some relevance to the general community. It's basically like a 'capture the flag' version of Foursquare.

If you're interested in helping me out with this, please let me know your email address or comment below confirming you're happy for me to use the email address you're registered with here. I'll then send you an email with a unique referral link that will credit me for recruiting you, and once you reach level 3 I'll be one step closer to finishing the game. When registering, if you choose 'Resistance' as your faction, I'll be able to put you in touch with local players in your area who can help you get acquanted with the game.

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Let this one go out of his way with this:

[email protected]
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"It is against our Terms of Service to advertise any other websites without prior approval."

Darkmyre has my approval ;)
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