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This year has brought new inventions and rules into many aspects of the game, *in 1 minute and 28 seconds you can get some ideas how the mechanics worked 5 years ago

*caution! only if you use our recommended, completely free online speed-reading tool with 400 words per minute setting

And as promised, some fun facts with no exaggerration

In 2010 going to war was a completely different story. To see how complicated it was compared to present standards check out the steps needed -in a simplified manner-


1. Proposing war (going through congress)
2. Declaring war (options to resolve conflict and cancel war, 72hr limit to initiate, declaration message to the enemy nation, an enemy nation can retaliate after 24hrs)
3. Border Skirmishes (basically the secret codename of a land attack, 6hr preparation time while nations can prepare for battle)
4. Invasions (and if you couldn't guess this is the codename of coastal attacks, combat fleet needed in a bordering ocean region, this is my absolute personal favourite I gotta quote this: "While naval combat will be introduced after V1 launches, initially this will simply involve moving fleets from ocean region to ocean region, until they reach a coastal border" :))), each ocean move has 6hr cooldown, preparation window applies when fleet attacks)
5. Preparation phase - attacker (compose invasion force from Tanks/Jets, once deployed units cannot be redeployed until battle concluded)
6. Preparation phase - defender (move available Tanks/Jets to attacked region, not yet used units can be redeployed to neighbouring regions)
7. During the battle (first you must declare role (Jet/Tank/Infantry), role can only be changed to Infantry and only in special circumstances, if there are 50 tanks deployed only 50 soldiers may take the role of Tank Gunner)
8. Alliances (different types, many of them meant that they went to war with the opposing country automatically)


1. Setting War in diplomacy (no Congress needed)
2. Attack region or regions (preparation time depends on distance, naval module STILL NOT INTRODUCED :))
3. Battle (players freely deploy to any battle except if it can't be reached due to travel restrictions, nowadays the government can set orders too, also diplomacy levels can restrict to fight for a country)

did you know??

There were no signs of red crosses anywhere, First Aid and the Medic role all together hasn't been invented yet!

Power was introduced as a raw material, but initially using coal in the making process. Coal is gone since, power stayed -after all, we still need electricity for our companies-, and now it can be baked from oil

Roads are implemented this year boosting the economy providing the same maximum +20% bonus productivity ever since

Minimum wage is finally implemented , non-company owners get a big smile, company owners not so much

Metralla was born, and immediately he started spamming the forum ;)

Guess who makes it to the map the first time? Russia makes it to the map the first time, soon it will become one of the greatest nations

If you dig deeper and deeper in this era you quickly come to realise there is so much more, makes one think that 2010 was the most innovative year of vNations ever ... yet ...

So stay tuned, more to come!

editorial notes:
the web archiving has its limits, so if you have some personal screenshots you'd share from 2009 till present days just drop us a mail also please note that some information might be a bit inaccurate, if that's the case or you think you have more interesting events regarding this year don't hesitate to let us know

big THANKS for the resources

Thiago Santiago

Darkmyre 87 Unread
06:51:14, 10/01/15 2
I've always liked multiples of 5.
z78sabjan 94 Unread
23:24:22, 08/01/15 0
send me some good ones Alejandro Salek
Alejandro Salek 90 Unread
21:07:16, 08/01/15 0
I have some screenshots from 2010 to nowadays. I also used to rewrite some articles in a forum Bolivians use for FG to spam it trying to bring people to the game.

Metralla 93 Unread
19:47:45, 08/01/15 0
well I learn something every day!
z78sabjan 94 Unread
19:16:23, 08/01/15 0
DIRTY LIES!!! :)))
At last Metra I thought you gone blind or something. So you registered 26th of June in 2010 right? Well, one day later you were already arguing over the importance of the economy versus fighting lol. Look at this, I'm telling you it's funny to read some of the old comments and ideas:
Metralla 93 Unread
18:48:30, 08/01/15 0
In the beggining I was just 2 clicking in Spain, where I was born, resulting my health happiness to go under 50, then Hellas appeared thanks to the efforts of Getas and became Greco.
Then I started the political struggle for a just v-society and then I started to spam. My first contribution to vN was...MOTORCYCLES !!!
Booms 90 Unread
18:17:51, 08/01/15 0
nice one!
tobiastony 72 Unread
17:17:39, 08/01/15 0
:D Very nice!!

James A. Conrad 87 Unread
13:36:03, 08/01/15 1
This is awesome.
darki 89 Unread
06:37:59, 08/01/15 5
'' Metralla was born, and he immediately started spamming the forum''


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