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The war module has been temporarily frozen due to the discovery of a couple of critical bugs. The main bug was being caused by the recently added downtime mitigation, which was designed to automatically extend battles when downtime was detected. For whatever reason, this has ended up in time being deducted from battles, resulting in battles being processed early. To further confuse matters, a bug with the 'Active Battles' list meant these battles could still be fought in, despite the game having already processed their results. Obviously, this quickly resulted in a very confusing mess, as initiatives were ending before they should and battles potentially had the wrong outcome.

Unfortunately due to real-life commitments my time in the lead up to Christmas is severely limited, so it is taking a bit of time to correct the issues caused by this bug and fix the problem code so it wont happen again. At this stage, I'm hoping to have everything sorted by the end of day 658, so battles can resume normally on day 659. All regions that were involved in a battle on day 655 will be given adjusted initiatives to account for the War Module lock down, so if a battle ended at midday 655, and would have initiative until midnight 656, it will have initiative until midnight 660. I'll try and post a list of all affected regions, who holds initiative, and the new initiative end time once things have been fixed.

Battles that occured on day 656 were cancelled, and battle fees will be refunded to the relevant national treasuries.

Darkmyre 87 Unread
22:38:15, 06/01/15 1
Attacking region initiatives have been fixed.
Darkmyre 87 Unread
15:44:51, 06/01/15 0
I've been made aware that I missed giving initiative to the regions where the battles were launched from. This will be corrected before daychange, however as its almost 3am here I'm going to sleep first. I'll hopefully have initiative reset for these regions 30-60 minutes prior to daychange.
Darkmyre 87 Unread
12:43:39, 06/01/15 0
War Module activity will be unlocked at daychange at the beginning of Day 676. The following regions were affected by the bug, and have new initiatives set: Southern Federal District, East Republika Srpska, Tel Aviv, Dalmatia, Iowa, Saskatchewan, North Lebanon, Nabatieh, Quneitra, Homs, Inner Carniola, Attica, Southern and Eastern Serbia. Presidents are encouraged to check their regions initiative times ASAP, and raise a ticket if there are any issues.

Refunds for cancelled battles should be processed in the next 48 hours, I'll leave another comment once this is complete.

greekcaptain 85 Unread
18:01:38, 19/12/14 1
that's some good news.its very important that these bugs are solved before war module can be up again.thanks for keeping us up to date.
Darkmyre 87 Unread
15:47:41, 19/12/14 0
abramacabra Yes, uprisings affected will also be refunded to the citizens who opened them.
abramacabra 88 Unread
15:23:31, 19/12/14 0
Thx for an information. I hope that ppl who've started uprisings will also get the refund of vbx.

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