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As part of a larger mission to streamline internal processes and development timeframes, and ensure vNations can be successful in 2015, we are today introducing two major changes to our support options.

External Chat

Until now, vNations has used IRC for external communication - almost entirely simply because 'that other game' used it. This is a very stupid reason to do anything, and so for the last couple of months I've been testing various alternatives. It has been decided that we will replace the official IRC channel with a group chat provided by Hall. Accessible via web browser, desktop or mobile clients, Hall offers a modern group-chat experience, which makes it incredibly easy for users to start their own group chats. Whether it be for congress, your nations citizens, your political party or your top secret mercenary group, anyone can quickly setup a new group and invite the users they want to chat within said group.

To access the vNations Hall Chat, click here

External Helpdesk

Over the next few weeks we will be moving away from the help desk mod for the forum software we use, to a third party service provided by FreshDesk. Having the helpdesk hosted externally means we are always able to communicate with players, even in the worst-case scenario of a server outage. It also means such an outage will not impact development, as issues and tasks can still be accessed (our development server is totally isolated from the game server, so work can continue when the server is down - but it helps to know what you're working on).

Players are encouraged to use the new helpdesk when reporting new tickets, however there is no need to re-report or cross-post existing tickets. I will be working to eliminate the forum helpdesk queue as quickly as possible in the leadup to Christmas. To report an issue, players can either visit or email their issue to [email protected]

Feature Requests should no longer be reported via the helpdesk (new or old). Instead, they should be posted in the appropriate Suggestions board on the forum. As with tickets, existing feature requests will be processed over the coming weeks (this does not mean all currently requested features will be implemented in this time - rather that they will be considered, and if approved either implemented or scheduled in existing work tools).

Stay tuned for more updates to processes over the coming two months, as we work hard to make this the best social strategy game online.

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