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Although Virtual Nations will always remain free-to-play, providing the game comes with considerable expenses - server hosting fees, domain registration, advertising... without even considering the time taken to code the games features or procure artwork. In an effort to offset these ongoing costs and enable significant increases in support and development for the game, we are as of today introducing Premium Subscriptions.

It is not our intention to turn the game into a "pay to win" or "visa wars", and so we have tried to find a balance with subscriber perks that doesn't break game balance for F2P players, while still providing a benefit to paying users. To start with, Premium Subscriptions will unlock the following advantages/perks:

- No Advertising! You will not be shown ads while playing the game for the duration of your subscription.

- Monthly VBX Bonus! For every month you remain a subscriber, you will receive a 10 VBX bonus delivered direct to your citizen account.

- Double Login Bonus! Improve your citizen faster, with double the daily login skill rewards.

- Increased inventory space! Carry an extra 30 items within your citizens inventory.

Subscriptions are available for just USD$5/month, and can be purchased from the VBX Market. At this stage subscriptions are only available via PayPal, though we hope to have PayByPhone options available early in the new year.

Darkmyre 87 Unread
08:09:49, 30/11/14 1
Booms Looks like there was an error with paypal's communication with the server, I've manually activated it for you now.
Booms 90 Unread
10:44:01, 29/11/14 0
Got it yesterday. But I didn't notice any difference in daily login, inventory have 50 places and 10 vbux didn't recive. :(
James A. Conrad 87 Unread
14:22:40, 24/11/14 3
Fair and not overpowered, IMO.

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