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Are we playing a dead game?

Does this game have a future?

Alejandro Salek 90 Unread
04:51:48, 04/11/14 8
What according to my point of view is kind of significant in regard of the lack of players or the lack of activity is that FGs grew their mechanics together with the population increasing and what they cared about the most at the begining was appeareance and templates while this game had mechanics developing m0re than population increasing and appeareance not getting to attract people.

Some FGs are complex but attractive in their appeareance but I dare to say no other game has better mechanics than this one. But when a new player comes they only see how complex the game is and they don't see the game attractive because of the appereance. So they miss the beauty of this game which is its complexity. The mechanics are beautiful and what Xav does is amazing, but at first sight it doesn't give a good impression. I stayed because I never judge by a first impression, but this game has to improve what players see at first sight.

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Darkmyre 87 Unread
01:49:02, 04/11/14 0
Metralla Link to profile added under My Citizen
Maguilao 89 Unread
23:17:01, 03/11/14 1
It is more like a disembosom (is this word right?) than a complain, but in the last days I have been thinking about quitting. I personally don't think that the game will ever have a burst of success, but what keeps me persisting is the long time I have passed here.
I don't propose solutions because I have no ideas for the moment. Again, it is not a complain.
z78sabjan 93 Unread
22:44:01, 03/11/14 0
i'm not here for a day and you guys already feel the game is dead?

i appreciate it, but don't worry, i'll be back soon, i'm visiting my family for a few more days ;)
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Metralla 93 Unread
20:32:49, 03/11/14 1
Gento I have tried many games and in the beggining were all chaotic to me, although I understand that there is room for improvement here.

In ΕRΕΡ we and all active countries afaik, had mentoring programms that when a noob was entering the game, mentors were taking him by the hand to explain the game and we had also tutorial and many many many articles about how to start etc. Even like that only ~5% were staying in the game(more than 1 log ins) and from them (5%) only a small percentage were staying in the game for some months.
So about the noobs my verdict is that:
1 - We are not that complicated but we can improve much (wiki, tutorial).
2 - We do not have many newcomers anyway.
3 - We do not have mentoring programm that takes noobs by the hand.

Since my position is that we need to reconsider many rules and modules, wiki and tutorial cannot be a priority.
1 - Finish the game.
2 - Reset it and design all stats so they can be capped in 2~3 years of playing at most.
3 - Start advertising campaign.
4 - Maintenance.

To do this we need an extensive discussion and brainstorming something that we currently lack. I remember back in the day all changes were discussed throughoutly. Yes so much talking takes time from coding but better like that, than coding and then throwing it away. Even If you fail it is better to know why you failed so you can improve yourself.
Reset and caps...2-3 years for such games are CENTURIES. Very very few stay for that long. For the 4+ years I play I cannot remember anyone else that logged in every day except me. All the rest I can recall have stopped playing for a while, even Xav:P ! A ruled designed with cap let's you know what is the "ultimate situation" you will face so you can design it better imo.

Darkmyre the difficult for me is to find my profile page, I mean the one I see when I click my name on a comment for example. My Citizen>>>Overview is not "profile", I think you get me right?

A and something more, when community see improvements, effort and interaction with dev team they can have hope at least.
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Darkmyre 87 Unread
18:49:55, 03/11/14 0
Gento Any feedback you can offer on which aspects of the game are confusing or too difficult, or on what specifically is wrong with the UI would be greatly appreciated.
Gento 73 Unread
16:27:54, 03/11/14 1
darki I'm not saying to remove anything, just make it easier. Work skills is really great think, but i don't think that's the reason, why players doesn't stay.
darki 89 Unread
16:20:08, 03/11/14 3
Gento this game is not for 10-15 players per each country, just check how many industries have economic module in game they are approximately 30 (if I remember well) currently only the fact that most of the old players have high economic/
work skils helping situation otherwise it will be even worse
Gento 73 Unread
15:53:58, 03/11/14 1
This game is to difficult for new players. We have like a lot of functions, which are really good, but it confuses new players. Games are not ment to be difficult but they are for fun. Like battles against other countries. In game which i think everyone else knows they use it. Just made all simple.

I'm not saying to remove these great functions which we already have, but make it all easier to new players. Noone wants to come on this game and shake his head to figure out what to do here.

Second of all, game design is one of the significant parts in every website. This is not 2012. We have HTML5, CSS3. It's not so hard anymore to create profesional template for website. I could help with some suggestions and scripting.

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Booms 90 Unread
15:47:04, 03/11/14 4
History repeat it self.
Looks like we (vCroatia) reach golden age and now it's time for slow decay.
Just like vPoland, vUSSR, vBulgaria, Hellas... and other countries in virtual and RL world. No more goals to achieve. Big wheel turning and I guess it's time for new superpower to rise from dirt. Who would it be, time will show.
Is this game dead? I don't think so. This game is special and I actually like it, or I just get use to it so I don't expect much from it.
How ever, when ever and who ever leave the game for what ever reason... it was pleasure to play with all of you out there in this virtual world.
And in the end of this post a big THANK YOU to our allies and our enemies for making this virtual life fun for at least last 9 months.

I will stay here till the end!

Metralla 93 Unread
14:15:26, 03/11/14 4
The opinions are contradictory, I know some notable players that quit and wait a major change or even a reset to occur in order to return, other people still enjoy it.
Imo Xav is always in haste for a success, understandable since he pays it from his pocket but with this tactic for ~3 years now we see no results. So my suggestion is to make all the needed changes even If "thay take time to code". Ofc success won't be secured and maybe these changes prove to be good in theory but wrong in deed, but this is the only way I know, to do something properly. Draw a solid plan that all modules cooperate smoothly (instead of chaotic changes that mess with the previous rules) and keep coding till you have the result you want, but always following a solid plan.
Back to Xav again...the prob is that he does not know what result he wants except financialy sustainable and profitful game, so he makes kinda random changes based on "good ideas" or "popular demands". On the other hand me as a user I know more or less what I want from a game that I play and I try to figure out the rules that will give the desired result.

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