Address by the President of Hungary to the Nation of the United States 10 0

Sándor Palace

Thursday, 12 June 2014, 05:52:29 EDT

Good morning citizens of the United States! I'd like to be less formal this time and explain the ongoing situation as well as providing some facts about the past, so you can understand better why are things so controversial as your respected president mentioned in another debate earlier.

Our countries were fighting one another for years, which was the result of the slowly built alliance systems over the world. After some time we both forgot that our disputes lie within the alliances -not with each other-, and soon we were labeled simply as enemies in both our citizen's eyes. It never changed since, although there has been multiple attempts to turn this thinking around for the past twelve or so months.

Governments realised world-wide, that if the current diplomatic system stays it only means pointless fights, pointless wars, and deepening the conflict between the two sides. Yes two sides, because there were NOVA, and the rest. Smaller nations simply had no choice but to join one or the other, while even the biggest countries were in trouble, changing the diplomacy would have directly resulted turning against all the old friends and allies, which is one of the hardest things for any government to do. We knew that the only way out of this is to change our diplomacy radically, hopefully giving a chance for new alliances to form, and turn the two pole conflict to something more, something better.

That's why I made an exception now and like never before as a foreign CP I'm addressing another nation's citizens directly. James A. Conrad is the first US president who dared to make a stand against the old ways, despite of the general thinking in the United States, and the dangers this could pose to his cabinet. I have to be honest I'm deeply impressed and feel obligated more than ever before to do the same.

As I said earlier our governments had discussions on the matter for nearly a year now, we've tried to slowly prepare for the change and turn an old hatred to a new shiny friendship, which is not easy as you can imagine. Even after a year you can see the remnants of the past, many people -if not most- still have grudges despite our best efforts, and that's our fault although if I look back I still don't think we could do it any other way. We did everything behind the curtains, and I bet most of you didn't even knew about the efforts we made to make this happen. While it would have been better if the changes were announced long ago, you must understand that both the US and Hungarian governments had to protect their own country's interests first, no nation is expected to jump ship in a day and welcome their old enemies as friends, while turning their back to their allies. We had to make sure that the other thinks it seriously, and willing to do the necessary steps whatever it takes, and that's a long process.

-A little much repeated history-

As you may know after the crash of the mighty Russian Empire new powers emerged, which eventually caused the doom of NOVA as an alliance. The simple fact is that Anti-NOVA countries -let's call them that for now- became much stronger. So much stronger that soon NOVA wasn't able to protect even it's core countries, which resulted in losses at nearly all fronts. The rise of countries like Bulgaria, Poland, Spain, Hungary (the four core countries against NOVA) brought so much power on one side, that it made impossible for anyone to stand a chance. This was fun and gave us all good and bad memories, but after conquering basically the whole world everyone realised we've reached a dead end.

Of course everyone tried to stay loyal too, it didn't matter which side they were fighting for, loosing or winning, despite we all knew everything what I'm concluding now back then already. So the results were inevitable, everyone was crying against this two-pole world, especially because there was no real chance for one side, while no one was willing to do anything about it because that could have mean the destruction of their country. Anti-NOVA countries were afraid to loose their advantage, while NOVA countries were too proud to change.

But what's enough, is enough! I'm asking you, the citizens of one of the strongest nations in the world to put your feelings and grudges aside, and think for a moment what is the short or long term benefits of your country, and perhaps the rest of the world too! Ask yourselves, do you wanna live in that old world, where there is no chance of breaking out, where you can either be on one side or another with no possibility of real changes, where you could always go to a battle knowing exactly that you will win or loose depending if you belong to the stronger or the weaker. What we are offering here, what we try to create is a world, where multiple powers control multiple parts of the world, where you can go to fight with the excitement of uncertainty, where even smaller countries could stand a chance to stand up against their big brothers if they really want to. To do that, there's only one way. We need the superpowers of the world more divided. We need more superpowers.

The later seems to have checked out by now, perhaps Croatia or Ukraine is not that strong yet as the US or Bulgaria, but they became considerable forces, mostly due to their brilliant activity, efforts and population growth. We expect more countries to emerge and this is exactly what we need.

And so back to the concept of dividing superpowers there's only one way to do that: we have to be able to get over our personal motives and grudges, and we have to have balls to stand up and say -CHANGE NOW!-. You could ask me why don't we simply turn against Bulgaria, or Spain, or Poland our eldest allies, or even ask why doesn't the US turn against South America. Well the answer is easy and hard at the same time. You probably think it's because our governments simply too scared to make these steps, which is true in some way but that's not all. We didn't and we can't plan what the future will look like without seeing reactions of our enemies and friends alike. Let's say Hungary throws away all it's allies and hand in hand with the US we make an alliance. The result would be catastrophic and not like you would think, we would simply bring the old two pole system alive, and we would probably be beaten -which is not the biggest problem-. We would arrive to a place where were trying to escape from for as far as I remember: there would be a winning side and a loosing one. Not to mention the risks it would bear to our countries, as governments our main job is to avoid that.

If you are willing to give me a chance then ask yourself some of these questions:

- what do I know about Hungary, are they loyal to their friends
- could the United States count on it if there's any trouble
- is there a chance that it could be beneficial for the United States if it makes this bold move
- what guarantees are there that Hungary will keep it's promise
- could it be good if we try something else instead of stepping in our old path again and again
- can I put my personal feelings aside and prioritize the good of the country or even the whole community
- and most importantly do I have the balls to make a move that is so risky it could even mean utter destruction

I'm sorry for the daring questions, but I assure you we face the same ones in Hungary, and we've made our decision already.
It's time to decide where we stand, one way or another we have to step into the future.

Since there is no option to count votes transparently (with the voting system anyone could use it's results are not conclusive, and we can't see who voted for what) therefore I will make two comments under this article. Please put a + on the one you're agree with. This way I can see who voted for what, only votes from US citizens will count. If you want aa further debate or have any questions, I urge you to give voice to it, so we have the chance to be as transparent as possible. We welcome questions directly made to the Hungarian government too, feel free to raise your doubts or sympathy in a PM if you feel more comfortable with that, we will try to get back to you asap.

President of Hungary

Thursday, 12 June 2014, 07:50:56 EDT

Mercedes_Benz 80 Unread
19:13:54, 12/06/14 3
Hail USA
Hail Hungary
We must bring democracy, freedom, liberty, justice, and security all over the world !
James A. Conrad 87 Unread
12:56:00, 12/06/14 0
Perfect articulation of our work for the past year or so trying to turn around opinions and long standing grudges. Well done. Hopefully we can see a new dawn of vDiplomacy.
z78sabjan 94 Unread
12:55:02, 12/06/14 0
As Metralla pointed out to me perhaps my questions were a bit misleading so let me rephrase, we are not asking the US to fight against Ukraine, this matter has nothing to do with the current war at all. We are asking the US to be the ally we are working for for so long.
z78sabjan 94 Unread
12:47:22, 12/06/14 0
no point, all opinions welcome. well there are several possibilities. for example, if new alliances are formed the older ones will change too eventually. if that happens that opens a way for other countries to change their diplomacy too (even force them) which could hopefully bring a different alliance system. i can't give you a straight answer because i can't see the future, but i can tell you one thing for sure:

if we don't try to change, nothings will change. you must agree with that
Metralla 93 Unread
12:33:56, 12/06/14 1
How this will prevent a bipolar world? If it is solely for US citizens I will happily erase my comment.
z78sabjan 94 Unread
11:53:49, 12/06/14 0
DECLARATION of standing against Hungary
z78sabjan 94 Unread
11:53:27, 12/06/14 3
DECLARATION of standing with Hungary

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