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2 phases battle. Support phase 12 hours, Assault phase 12 hours.

Number of hits=rank+combat/10+skill/10+tier
No increament in damage according to combat, tier, skill or rank.

T1 Bullet
T2 Bomb
T3 Rocket

T1 Repeating Rifle, wood iron
T2 Automatic Rifle, wood steel
T3 Assault Rifle, plastic steel

Prep Phase:
Defensive Military commander assigns positions to man Defensive infrastructure.

4 types of defensive infrastructure.

Anti Personel manned
Anti Tank manned
Anti Aircraft manned
Unmanned defensive infrastructure.

Attacking Military commander assign paratroopers. (optional for the future)

Support Phase: It is the phase that the initial wall will be formed
Defending Interceptors hit
Attacking Interceptors hit

We count hits not damage. Keep in mind that higher tier give more attacks not more damage in the same number of attacks.

At the end of support phase we count hits. Interceptor VS Interceptor hits will show who has the air superiority. The side with air superiority will move the wall negative for the enemy side.
Defending Interceptor + SAM VS Attacking Interceptor hits=5 for the defensive side. So the attacking side will start Assault phase with -5Bomber attacks! In order Bomber hits to start counting they will need to make 5 "blank" attacks.

Attacking Artillery hits. Artillery can be used only in support phase of attack, no defensive artilleries.
Artillery picks targets like Anti Personel, Anti Tank, Anti Aircraft, Unmanned defensive infrastructure and negates their hits. If the enemy does not use any defensive infrastructure then actually artillery hits go in vain. But If we want we can make artillery to hit defending soldiers as well and not only infrastructure.

Assault Phase: IRL a territory is considered conquered only when foot soldiers are on it. There is no conquest with tanks or aircrafts. So I propose to use this very realistic rule here as well.
The winner will be the one with the most infantry hits in the end!
But there are 2 victory conditions.
1-If both have negative infantry hits then the region cannot be conquered. The initiative goes to the side with higher hits. For example If the attacker has -3 and defender -5, the region is not conquered but attacker keeps the initiative!
2-In any other case the side with the most hits wins and takes the initiative.

One "bomber" hit will reduce enemy infantry hits by 5 and one "tank" hit will reduce infantry hits by 3. Numbers may vary. Factors like terrain and timezone should play significant role, adding or removing hits on tanks and bombers.

Please let me know If you do not understand something or If you see oddities and loopholes.

z78sabjan 94 Unread
13:11:40, 12/06/14 0
:)) sorry Metralla didn't mean to offend any medics lol, myself are training for medic for nearly a year now. still remember that the glory usually goes to the tanks who can turn the battle around. you know what i mean
Metralla 93 Unread
12:19:04, 12/06/14 0
Since I was firstly appointed, even with the old WM, medics were my priority and my General(greekcaptain) is a medic.
What you say is like a..."look I am pilot, not a punny soldier in a dirty muddy trench", but this approach is not winning battles.
What a noob can do now? he will trail the shiny pilot class(If we consider that all have the tendency to go towards the shiny and pilot is the shiniest) and go to the battle and...problem.
Do you really think it is more complicated than existant war modules in this or other games? How do you come to this conclusion?
The options a noob see are "support your infantry or play as infantry", but we can give many options in support thing, If we want, is that the complication?
If you get used to it, you will see...oh there is plenty of support(FAA nowdays), it is better to shoot as infantry, or we lack support(FAA again in current module), I should shoot as support or wait/call for some support.
We can say in war page:
Tank (pushes back enemy infantry)
Jet (boosts your infantry)

Now a noob knows what class and what physical skill to train, how to fight, what medics, armour jackets, jets and war infastructure do? No, someone has to explain to him. We are just very used to our current war module that's why we think it is simple.
Besides, do you (or anyone) know how SAMs, Tank Trap, Bunker work?

PS my objective is not needed to pass hours in front of PC because I have a RL. I want to see a situation, evaluate it and act accordingly, all these in few mins. I see the battle needs support I give support, I see it needs damage, I give damage. I can be usefull without knowing the masterplans. Now and especially with Jets/Tanks that do not need medics, it is, "I give damage" mostly.
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z78sabjan 94 Unread
12:04:30, 12/06/14 0
i don't like that idea Metra i'd make all classes equally important. I know you will say they are but i dont think so. supporting classes always get less respect and less importance, just like the medic role right now. also there's a big problem with this wm imo, it's made for hardcore players. it's really good that it gives the possibility to someone who's on the game all day to do great things, but i don't see what about the rest. How will a newbie or even a simple few clicker fight in this system effectively i don't know
Metralla 93 Unread
11:28:24, 12/06/14 0
Stick to the basic idea guys, which is 1 class to do the job and the rest classes to support this job. If we will name it tank, jet, lazer, it does not matter, the logical(mathematical) model matters.

And simplification by reducing multipliers and complex formulas.
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Apiaguaiki Tumpa 66 Unread
05:12:09, 12/06/14 0
Metralla, add a thing... using artillery should DAMAGE the local infraestructures (as hospitals, military bases, etc).

everyone know what rests after an artillery attack...
Metralla 93 Unread
21:20:32, 11/06/14 0
elnef this is an international article, give feedback in english If you want more people to discuss it with you. The main idea is that only infantry conquers regions, tanks and jets are used to stop enemy's infantry (and/or to boost your infantry).
elnef 82 Unread
20:44:38, 11/06/14 0
Χμ αυτό θέλει μια μικρή επεξεργασία γιατί δεν το έπιασα 100% από την αρχή. Θα το ξαναδιαβάσω κάποια άλλη στιγμή.
Γενικά η φάση πρώτα μπουμ μπουμ αλλά χωρίς πεζικό την περιοχή δεν την παίρνεις, δεν είναι κακή. Σε γενικές γραμμές προτείνεις ένα πιο στρατηγικό military module. Έχει τα +, έχει και τα - του. Βέβαια εμείς που είμαστε εδώ, είμαστε φανατικοί οπότε αν γίνει λίγο παραπάνω πολύκλοκο πάλι εδώ θα είμαστε! χαχα!
Metralla 93 Unread
19:04:49, 11/06/14 0
darki I followed Massino's path to post it in a place most people will bother to see it and discuss it. cause not many bother to look elsewhere lately.
darki 89 Unread
19:02:50, 11/06/14 1
Metralla you can write your idea here :)
Metralla 93 Unread
18:26:18, 11/06/14 0
z78sabjan In my suggestion. it would be stupid to shoot as tank jet(support) If the enemy has HUGE advantage in these and you need infantry shots to win.
Each individual sees the situation, evaluates and acts. Commander should give some general directions for the beggining, like press on "antitank" sector mostly.
The real advantage comes when you can gather all of your army and shoot the last minute. So you know what reserves you have and what the enemy has done and then you can see what is the combination of forces that can beat the situation enemy has formed by then. Assuming enemy won't react.
BUT, even now I advise players, shoot as late as possible, so nothing new. This can be negated If we introduce "interest", 1 shot in the begging = 2 shots in end. so to be tempting to shoot, early.
z78sabjan 94 Unread
17:58:55, 11/06/14 0
i see, so the structure is there and anyone can use it?
Metralla 93 Unread
17:54:07, 11/06/14 0
z78sabjan If players know how to play it, they can evaluate the situation and act accordingly by their own.
As for multiple battles, we need army subdivisions so not the whole weight to fall on the shoulders of 1 guy.
PvP module needed enormous coordination effort. Now I just give few instructions and my soldiers know what to do.
Zivac007 80 Unread
17:44:29, 11/06/14 0
Mudonya +1, give us PvP module back^^
Mudonya 50 Unread
17:39:06, 11/06/14 1
Nah, give us old PvP war module back, hide and seek were funny and penguin :D
z78sabjan 94 Unread
17:24:46, 11/06/14 1
this sounds a bit scary to me, by first look i feel you need an army of people just to prepare a defence in a battle, we can barely mobilize a couple. the rules and the rest seems fine to me but somehow it should be much simpler. especially hard to imagine this level of cooperation when you have let's say 10 battles a day (happened before and will happen again) can't you figure out something for example instead of these manned structures?
Metralla 93 Unread
16:57:36, 11/06/14 0
Didn't know what to do with the global article so I posted my proposal in game as well.
Here is the original
There is a lot of reading and that makes some people think, "oh complicated", but If you write down the rules of our current war module, I am sure you will write a lot, we are just used to it.
It is basically a wall module that infantry plays the key role and vehicles are for the support/depression of infantry, but can't win battles by their own.
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