Congress Election Overhaul 20 1

As most of you will know, congress election reliability has long been a problem. We will be focusing this week on ending this problem once and for all, as well as making some changes to the rules around congress.

Ad-Hoc Election: Day 460

On Day 460 an Ad-Hoc congress election will be held to test changes to the congress system. The focus of these elections will be a bug-free election process.

Ad-Hoc Election: Day 465

Five days later, there will be another Ad-Hoc election, this time to test the new rules outlined below.

Regular Election: Day 470

All going well, the regular June congress election will be held on day 470, bug free and using the new rules.

New Congress Rules

These rules will be in place by the day 465 election, and are aimed at streamlining the congress system and removing unnecessary complications.

The size of a nation's congress will be determined by their overall population, at a rate of 1 seat for every 5 citizens. Congressman may reside in any region, and there are no longer limits on the number of seats per region. On election day, citizens may vote for any congress candidate they choose, not only those in their region. The number of votes a citizen may make is based on the population of their region, again at a rate of 1 vote for every 5 citizens (minimum 1 vote).

Metralla 93 Unread
19:02:10, 16/06/14 2
If elections could change things, they'd be illegal
(Last Edited 19:02:34, 16/06/14)
Tactician Beta 80 Unread
18:55:21, 16/06/14 0
Where can we see the results?
Alejandro Salek 90 Unread
18:21:21, 16/06/14 0
I still cannot propose laws as congressman
Darkmyre 87 Unread
15:29:13, 10/06/14 0
Ad-Hoc elections have unfortunately failed due to a typo in the processing script, however I am 100% confident that elections on the 15th will run smooth as butter.
Darkmyre 87 Unread
00:01:50, 10/06/14 3
Sorry guys, have been really sick the last few days. Back out of bed now so expect congress results today finally. We will be skipping the planned June 10th Ad-Hoc elections, and focusing on getting everything working 100% for the regular elections on the 15th.
Darkmyre 87 Unread
20:44:46, 07/06/14 1
JohnnyNT It will include a method for showing historical results accurately. Whether that includes all the congress elections to date, or starts over from the June elections, is yet to be determined.
neuroM 88 Unread
14:37:35, 07/06/14 0
Darkmyre Will new elections system include congress elections results history for past months/years or something like that?
Darkmyre 87 Unread
03:09:32, 07/06/14 0
Still have a few more issues to fix, and I dont have a lot of time at the keyboard over the weekend. Worst case we may have to skip the second ad-hoc election, we should still be on-track for bug-free elections on the 15th though
Darkmyre 87 Unread
09:19:25, 05/06/14 0
Also, please note that for the two ad-hoc elections, results will not be finalized immediately upon daychange. I will be manually processing the elections as soon as I'm able to get online after daychange. I'll post a comment on this article once they've been processed.
Darkmyre 87 Unread
08:14:46, 05/06/14 0
Alert should be showing now for those who haven't voted yet. It already does say on the voting page the max size of congress.
Metralla 93 Unread
00:37:49, 05/06/14 0
No alert but better page. I really dislike the ranking according to the obscure value of political XP. I would prefer according to party size and then according to political XP maybe.
I(me the oldfag) got comfused when I saw candidates with different colours and of the same party.
Moreover it has to say somewhere in voting page and in congress page and in nation's page, max number of congressmen.
I also hate to see number of votes during the proceedure. All FG players know that elections is matter of voting manipulation.
Our system is not ok because people vote for persons. So a party or a person If you want can get a shitload of votes and these votes to elect just one congressman which means the majority of votes have minor representation, this is not democratic!
Someone can say that simple voter might manipulate his vote as well for the desired result since he can see the number of votes, but again here we talk about a manipulation race, this is not democratic!
At the moment I can think only of the RL hellenic system that you vote for party and congressman. You choose from party's ballot which candidate you prefer and you vote, the party with the most ballots wins and it elects the first X candidates. Unfortunately this might be extreme and If I got 9 votes out of 10 total party's votes and all the votes are 20 and the available positions are 4(one for 5 votes) then my party gets 2 congress seats despite the fact that the second congressman have actually only his vote but since he is in party he is supposed to follow party's ideology, otherwise we wouldn't have functional parties here or RL.
Darkmyre 87 Unread
15:27:32, 04/06/14 3
The new voting system in the Election Booth page has been completed, elections should open at Day Change. The region-based voting was a silly idea, so we'll be going nice and simple - everyone gets one vote.

Party Leaders - you might want to make sure your party has a nice logo before elections start ;)
(Last Edited 15:30:44, 04/06/14)
Alien Fleet Admiral 41 Unread
02:41:49, 04/06/14 0
good job :)
tobiastony 72 Unread
19:18:32, 03/06/14 1
good news!
James A. Conrad 87 Unread
00:09:24, 03/06/14 1
No congress is better, IMO.

Squash the dissidents.
neuroM 88 Unread
18:42:52, 02/06/14 2
Bug free congress elections? No way man, tradition has to be continued :P

Btw, I agree with Metralla, why to add any rule based on regions.
Metralla 93 Unread
18:30:16, 02/06/14 2
yes population based and not region based but I also do not understand why living in a region with more pop gives me more votes, since the voting is national and not regional(like it was before).

Congress should have a max, like 40, this is for a country with 200 players.

If you do not implement direct voting and all more maybe political updates before this test, I am afraid we will have probs when you will implement it.

Since I am a banana republic prophet, I bet this module will keeps failing trololololol.
Maguilao 89 Unread
18:19:53, 02/06/14 2
Great initiative! Hope everything works well.

I just don't understand why citizens living in regions with more population have more votes.

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