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You've probably already noticed the header widgets (events feed and regional info) are missing. Actually, they're better than missing - they're now customizable! On your profile page you will now see 4 new options - Header Widget 1-4. These can be used to select what information you'd like to see displayed in the header of each page. The number displayed in brackets next to each widget name is the number of columns the widget occupies - you can only select a total of 4 columns worth of widgets. I'll be working on a number of additional widgets throughout the day, and welcome suggestions for other widgets to be added.

Planned Widgets

CEO Overview

Friends Online

Military Overview

Popular Media

Quick Inventory

Known Issues

This feature is being rolled out during the next few hours. As such, there will be issues that are being actively worked on. The following issues are known, and should not be reported:

- Widgets not displaying on all pages

- Quick Inventory, Move Citizen, & Shout buttons not available if Region widget is not enabled

- Widget height is not consistant

The article will be updated as issues are resolved and widgets are broght online.

jurkotheboss 88 Unread
11:31:40, 26/05/14 0
it's great!
Darkmyre 87 Unread
11:11:42, 26/05/14 0
If you'd already edited your headers, please re-edit your profile. There was a bug preventing the columns from being displayed correctly that has just been fixed.

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