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Today's update will see the return of an old feature that was never really utilized well, Patriotism. Patriotism has been reworked and will now act as an effective guide to how a citizen feels about the various nations of the vWorld, based on his or her actions. Unlike previously, a citizen will have a unique Patriotism score for each nation he interacts with. Patriotism for a particular nation will increase when you do positive things to help that nation, and decrease when you do negative things against that nation. Your Patriotism scores will be visible to the vWorld via your profile, and in the future governments may be granted the ability to restrict citizenship or election candidates to a minimum patriotism score.

From today onwards, the following actions will affect your Patriotism score:

Fighting against a nation: -0.001

Fighting for a nation: +0.001

Receiving a Military Commendation for a nation: +1

Being elected to Congress: +2

Being elected President: +4

Being Impeached: -6

Working on Infrastructure for a nation: +0.01

Changing Citizenship: -5 to old CS, +5 to new CS

Patriotism is currently being rolled out, and actions should start affecting scores within the next 2 hours, with all of the above being active by day change.

Maguilao 89 Unread
18:52:27, 02/05/14 0
Darkmyre 87 Unread
18:35:44, 02/05/14 0
Maguilao New tab in citizen profiles
Maguilao 89 Unread
18:34:06, 02/05/14 0
Where can I see my (and other's) patriotism points?
Darkmyre 87 Unread
17:11:04, 02/05/14 0
Knight Hawk As it stands right now, citizens in that situation would simply no longer earn patriotism for the old nation. Their current scores would remain intact, and resume should the nation exist again.
Knight Hawk 80 Unread
14:37:34, 02/05/14 0
Hmmm, I'm just curious how will this "old feature" work in case when one nation merged into another??
Once merged nations decide to get apart one from another, members of one nation will have to start building patriotism from the beginning. \o/

Darkmyre 87 Unread
14:16:43, 02/05/14 0
lenne You can have a patriotism score for multiple nations. So when you fight for Spain, you gain points for your Spanish Patriotism. When you fight for Bolivia, you gain Bolivian Patriotism. You don't lose any Spanish Patriotism unless you do some action against them.
Ienne 51 Unread
13:27:11, 02/05/14 0
* Fighting for a nation: + 0.001

see, you earn points for fighting for your nation, I've been months without bringing damage to Spain that do not need it and travel around the world helping the weaker allies. So I can not add patriotism that. If people decide to fight alone in his country, small countries like Pakistan, Czech Republic, Bolivia, etc ... will not be able to face the Aliens
James A. Conrad 87 Unread
13:04:59, 02/05/14 1
I still don't understand what lenne is saying, to be honest..
Ienne 51 Unread
12:03:22, 02/05/14 0
If the combat is favored nation itself, this could affect international collaboration and in itself insufficient to combat the aliens invaders. But regardless of this, any progress in the game is positive
Darkmyre 87 Unread
11:39:52, 02/05/14 1
Ienne It's not a strategy to discourage international cooperation, and I'm not even sure why you'd think that?
Ienne 51 Unread
10:57:15, 02/05/14 0
if we forget it's a strategy to discourage international cooperation in the fight against the invading Aliens not bad ...
Darkmyre 87 Unread
17:23:17, 01/05/14 0
Patriotism is now operational, enjoy!
James A. Conrad 87 Unread
17:21:30, 01/05/14 0
z78sabjan 94 Unread
16:27:09, 01/05/14 0
really good feature!
TheGabberGaba 35 Unread
16:15:12, 01/05/14 2
Yai :D
Good job, Darkynoob ♥

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