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Dear vPeople from vWorld

As President of Croatia, i need to explain new situation/problem with Serbia.

Yesterday Serbia lost a region North Republika Srpska against Aliens, in that battle some people from Croatia(6 people, Zivac alone 1,9M) fight for Aliens and made 3,7M dmg. Those actions are individual decisions and Croatian goverment dont have any influence on them.

But why they fight??

NRS region, whas long time ago Croatian region, we made road there. Serbia merged with inactive BIH and got that region. We try diplomatic ask Serbia for that region, but we have not agreed on that.

What now?

Croatia attacked Aliens, and we want to take this region.

People from both side writing realy bad comments, speaking about RL, insult each other..

We have damaged our relations with Serbia, now they are from allied to hostile, what is next i really dont know.

Serbia threatens us with war, i know that now is to late for talking, but I really hope it does not come to that.

p.s. Sorry for bad english (google assisted)

Jurko, Croatian CP

jurkotheboss 88 Unread
12:11:23, 18/04/14 0
zivac lezbejka
Mr. X 84 Unread
17:47:45, 12/04/14 3
Yep - Zivac007's middle name is "Trouble"! :P
We all are aware of that for long time now! :D
He easily got under influence of Alien Overlord attracted by Overlord's promise made to Zivac007 that once Aliens prevail, Zivac007 will be permited to personally take part in Alien experiments that include violating our cattle! :D
I heard that from the Leader of one of Alien infested nations! :D

Knight Hawk 80 Unread
10:03:55, 12/04/14 0
Mercedes_Benz said exactly what was on my mind! ;)
Well spoken Mercedes_Benz! :)
If there will be war between Croatia and Serbia, Aliens and alien-infested human are the only one that will profit the most from the war! :(
(Last Edited 10:04:59, 12/04/14)
Mercedes_Benz 80 Unread
07:19:22, 12/04/14 3
Zivac007 has put the Croatian president in a very difficult situation, so you should not be upset with jurkotheboss. The game lacks players and it is very possible for an individual rebel to have more power than the president... I hope diplomacy resumes, I understand both sides, but taking RL out of it, and searching the vMap we see that Serbia has another region with the same resources, so companies could be moved, or diplomacy between Croatia and Serbia can be free trade so that everyone has access to the resource... Hope you figure it out without a war, at least not now, definitely the worst time ever for a war...
Zivac007 80 Unread
04:41:23, 12/04/14 0
you speak about RL frustrations, look your comment again in last article
and think twice...

neuroM 88 Unread
00:44:37, 12/04/14 0
So, you can't change RL frustrations of some people (btw, in this game there was no rl based fight between us in about 2-3 years), but you will give your support to those people?
Sounds completly reasonable.
jurkotheboss 88 Unread
00:32:34, 12/04/14 0
you understand our language, look at our chat, I told people not to fight several times, but zivac one time wrote attack and because RL lot of people go and fight.. I cant change RL frustration of all people, Zivac was kicked from goverment, when he fight against Bolivia. Thats what i have do. But i cant forbid him to talk with other players.
neuroM 88 Unread
00:21:14, 12/04/14 0
Ok, do you really think that people who play this game are stupid or retarded? "Few guys just attacked on their own, and we just decided 'what the hell, we should all attack, *uck the alliance'". Sorry, but it is really dumb thing to say.
jurkotheboss 88 Unread
23:46:45, 11/04/14 0
I dont see this in any articles, only in commentary, but never mind.
For know, we dont hold that region, battle is still open. But we want to hold her, because our company are there.
Metralla 93 Unread
23:37:53, 11/04/14 0
We know all these from the other article, what Croatia is gonna do, is the question. Do you intent to hold the region?

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