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Hello world!

I have lot of companys, lot of vbx, but i have insufficiently HRK so from day 396 - day 400, im collecting Croatian currency HRK.

Standard exchange on our MM is 40HRK = 1 vbx, but for those days im offering you 1vbx for 30 HRK!!!!

My offer is active on market, i offer 100vbx, so come on people, sell me HRK!!!!

Jurkotheboss, Croatian CP

Zivac007 80 Unread
13:46:57, 04/04/14 0
kuna najjača valuta, uskoro će vridit više od vbxa
Knight Hawk 80 Unread
11:37:59, 03/04/14 0
Ma kakvi - nedam kune za eure (ehmm hoću reć vbxe) ja štedim samo u kunama! ;)
Euro će svakako propast uskoro. :)

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