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Greetings dear friends and allies!

Bolivia, now more than ever, is a country seeking for its development. Though in the past we even got to have more than 30 players, and by the time we as a nation were 3 months old, the forum showed 90 players registered as Bolivian, it is today that we believe more than ever that our citizens’ will is to prevail.

Reset might be a matter of opportunities, but to our nation it is not so. Our former experience in FG teaches us that time advantages somewhen are a need to a nation like ours that in any game like this can hardly get to count with 100 players. Even being small, today we are significant to the vWorld. The conditions we need to develop ourselves and our nation is only peace.

To most of nations alien may offer an entertaining training for soldiers by now, but it is not so with us. Bolivia, as every other country is under alien attack. This time what is different is that we are no longer able to keep control of the battle because aliens’ attacks bring more damage than they did before.

That is why this article is written, to ask you help against the e.t. invaders. The menace needs to be stopped.

You know Bolivians have shown through vHistory how loyal as allies they can be, and how they give the best they can. Now they face times in which they need from you. TODAY WE LOST A BATTLE AND A VERY SIGNIFICANT REGION.

It doesn’t matter if you are an old player or if you are new. We will look for all possible ways we can manage to have you here helping. Bolivia offers to all players that want to come the chance to have a house including electronics and ways of saving money with any coin they’d like to have. We do so that whenever you want to leave, you can have better chances wherever you go. Once you do so, you won’t leave with empty hands. You have the chance to go with electronics, house, vehicle and a lot more and everything with 100% integrity.

The only thing we cannot offer you yet is a military base so you could have special training, but we plan to have one the coming months.

There is either to much to be told or no more left to be written now. We don’t want to reveal everything we can offer you or promise you something we won’t be able to give you. But for those that come first to stay there is everything this article says we have.

Best regards!


Tactician Beta

President of Bolivia

Alejandro Salek


Zivac007 80 Unread
16:45:37, 04/04/14 0
my advice to small countries is to surrender, give your all regions to aliens so they achieve 51%
Metralla 93 Unread
07:22:29, 03/04/14 0
My advise to Bolivia and all small struggling armies:
Forget damage, secure First Aid!
If Bolivia had only medics, then soldiers could come from abroad and help, when there is no FAA(in any battle), nobody will bother to look into the battle.
Zivac007 80 Unread
07:24:20, 31/03/14 0
can't wait ^^
Darkmyre 87 Unread
20:33:32, 30/03/14 1
Or wait till tomorrow, there's a new feature that some might like (and others probably wont) that'll help avoid "misunderstanding"
Duststorm 46 Unread
20:20:35, 30/03/14 0
If you want to fight for Aliens. Remember you can always join with Alien Citizenship.
That way their won't be any conflict or misunderstanding. Right?
Zivac007 80 Unread
14:02:03, 30/03/14 0
it has point, after some times all small countryes who are in war against aliens would lose if rest doesnt help them, mostly because of economical reason, stock is melting...

joao97 68 Unread
11:44:10, 30/03/14 0
Guys, some one has to fight for the aliens or this war will have no point.
Artificial Electronico 73 Unread
10:46:56, 30/03/14 1
Thanks for understanding Zivac, i really appreciate your decision to not fight for aliens, good luck.

Zivac007 80 Unread
06:45:04, 30/03/14 0 that is alliance page for aliens, and why did u put war in the 1st place against them, and now cry, look germany, turkey, france etc, you must be cocky and now wants help, u got what u deserved, i wont shoot anymore for aliens but dmg is done, you will be erased
Zivac007 80 Unread
06:40:05, 30/03/14 0
yes i am terrorist
Artificial Electronico 73 Unread
02:04:13, 30/03/14 0
Zivac, fighting in RWs or for Aliens against my country will be considered an act of terrorism, and we will act according to this, you can do as you please.

Zivac007 80 Unread
21:37:56, 29/03/14 0
1st as mister X said, act of individual
2nd if aliens are close to win argentinian region and im online few mins before end of battle, i would fight so take care
Mr. X 84 Unread
20:37:48, 29/03/14 0
Sorry Alejandro and the rest of Bolivian crew.
Zivac's fight for Aliens is act of an individual.
The fact that he is Croatian citizen does not mean Croatia want's to harm Bolivia in any way.
I'm a bit out of the loop - but if I was online at that time you would probably see me fighting for Bolivia.
I'm sure you'll find the way to get Oruro back soon!

Good luck!
James A. Conrad 87 Unread
19:55:14, 29/03/14 0
We will stand with you.

Artificial Electronico 73 Unread
18:23:36, 29/03/14 1
Zivac, I'm totally in favor of reset too, but you have no right to decide over others.

My suggestion is, you should give Croatian regions to aliens if you desire this is the best action to take.

Any action of this kind by cabinet members of any country against my country will be taken as an act of war.
joao97 68 Unread
13:22:43, 29/03/14 0
Portugal will help you.
Zivac007 80 Unread
08:51:39, 29/03/14 1
from it's very beggining i was for that reset, and fighting for aliens offers that, so pls spare me that empty talking about destroying community bla bla, nothing personal, it was only battle aliens could win
gorron99 90 Unread
08:07:28, 29/03/14 1
all day watch the battle in Oruro, send aid in the form of FA and thought travel there to turn the battle, but siscador did before, unfortunately, no one counted on the treachery of last minute Zivac007, we could not do nothing.

Some in his eagerness to achieve their own desires are willing to destroy entire communities in the game, maybe when they get their coveted Reset, no one left here to share it with, if to do so they must destroy small communities of players in small countries.
raddo 83 Unread
07:35:30, 29/03/14 0
i've helped wit 1,1m but zivac fought for alliens

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